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Interim Management Consulting Services: Four Key Reasons to Hire an Interim Manager for your Hospital or Healthcare System

interim managementDuring times of crisis or change, hospital and healthcare organizations need help. Interim Management consulting services can make a crucial difference when an organization reaches a turning point. These services ensure stability to get through the immediate challenge and steer the organization to a more stable and profitable future.

Interim Management consulting services provide a team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare managers and executives to work alongside the organization’s leaders. The team brings a fresh perspective that allows the organization to find effective solutions to problems. Interim leaders have extensive practical and management skills, but they are also especially adept at handling change. This makes them ideal for any situation that is outside of an organization’s usual routine. Organizations use Interim Management consulting services in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • The planned or unplanned departure of a key executive
  • Expansions
  • Turnarounds
  • Changing to or from self-operation

Departure of an Executive

When a key leadership position in a hospital or healthcare organization is left vacant for a month or more, the effects can be devastating throughout the organization. Operations, employee morale, and patient satisfaction may all suffer from the lack of leadership.

Interim Management can plug the gap. They provide the guidance needed to keep the hospital or healthcare system on a steady course. This gives the organization time to conduct a thorough search and find the right permanent replacement.


When an organization implements special projects, it needs extra help. Interim Management consultants can supervise complex projects, including department expansions.


When a hospital or healthcare organization is facing financial challenges, Interim Management services can provide the needed leadership to stabilize the organization, establishing a more productive and financially healthy path.

Members of the Interim Management team implement short-term action plans to meet an immediate crisis, stop damage, and restore stability to the unit. Once stabilized, a thorough assessment is performed and an implementation plan created, allowing for cost-saving and sustainable change.

Changing to or From Self-Operation

The change from contract to self-operation — or the opposite, the change from self-op to contract — involves unique challenges. Key managers may be lost in the transition along with systems that have been in place for a long time.

Interim Management, with their skill at handling transitions, can make the process a smooth one. When departments are changing to self-op, Interim Management providers can put their own management team in place to offer leadership while helping the department find and recruit managers to head the new self-op unit.
The interim team will use expertise and experience to design new systems that the department will need in the future. The result will be a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

Strengths of Interim Services Management Consultants

Interim Services Management Consultants have a specific set of strengths that are valuable to organizations undergoing change. These include the ability to:

  • Deal with challenges
  • Lead complex projects
  • Implement quality improvements

Dealing with Challenges

interim managementA key strength of Interim Management consulting is the experience consultants have in dealing with challenges. Healthcare organizations may not be accustomed to dealing with rapid change or crisis situations. For Interim Managers, this is all in a day’s work.

When facing challenges, it is important for organizations to act quickly. An Interim Manager can be assigned on short notice, with the skill set to cope with an emergency. They will hit the ground running, stemming the damage and putting the department back on a stable footing.

Leading Complex Projects

The Interim Manager can step in and assume leadership of complex projects. Their leadership skills and healthcare industry experience enable them to take charge quickly and effectively. With a fresh-eyes approach, they bring an outside perspective that gives them the ability to see solutions that the internal leadership may have missed. By working alongside internal managers and executives, the perspectives and skills of the interim and internal personnel complement and enhance each other.

Making Quality Improvements

Interim managers have a variety of specific experience and skills. An Interim Management services company will match your needs with an Interim Manager who has the know-how to improve your unit’s operations.

Key Skills and Experience of Interim Management Services Team Members

The skills and experience of Interim Management consultants provide much-needed benefits to hospitals and healthcare organizations Their experience and knowledge include:

  • Healthcare industry expertise
  • Financial management
  • Specific functional expertise

Skills include:

  • Assessing existing operations
  • Planning and implementing short- and long-term goals
  • Working within strict budgets and short time frames
  • Developing consensus among various stakeholders
  • Engaging parties and building trust by clear and open communication
  • Setting and meeting goals, timelines, and milestones
  • Anticipating and preventing problems

In What Types of Situations Can Interim Management Consulting Services Help?

Interim Management services can help in a wide variety of situations that involve change. These include:

  • Replacing a key executive or manager who has resigned
  • Supporting and guiding the organization when it recruits executives to fill an empty position
  • Helping to increase revenue growth
  • Significantly reducing costs
  • Launching or leaving a line of business, a service, or a product line
  • Implementing a new system or organization design
  • Integrating an acquisition
  • Establishing goals that are clear and attainable
  • Conducting critical negotiations

Leading Special Projects

An excellent use of Interim Management services is to use interim leaders to help manage difficult and complex special projects. These projects include:

  • The expansion of an existing department
  • The addition of a new department
  • Planning and implementing a new employee benefit package
  • Integrating a new acquisition into an existing organization

About Soriant Solutions

Soriant Solutions provides exceptional Interim Management services. Their experienced and skilled managers provide healthcare consulting to C-level executives at hospitals and healthcare organizations to move departments smoothly through times of change, to reduce costs, and to improve organizational efficiency. They are dedicated to working with integrity, to providing extraordinary service, and to delivering solid results.

Soriant Solutions excels at helping hospitals and healthcare organizations that are pressed for time and have few available options. Soriant’s consultants are responsive and dedicated professionals. Their broad and deep industry experience allows them to quickly adapt and align themselves with your organization and its culture and needs. They blend in seamlessly, while also providing skills and perspectives that add to your organization’s existing skill set.

Interim Positions Provided by Soriant

Soriant’s Interim Management consultants span a variety of healthcare executive and managerial roles. These include:

  • Engineering services, environmental services, and materials management directors
  • Administrative, operational, patient services, retail, and training managers
  • Clinical dietitians, executive chefs, and food services directors

Our consultants have extensive experience in their positions. They are ready to step in on short notice to provide the continuity and stability your organization needs. In addition, while temporarily filling the vacancy, they can also help you recruit top permanent talent.

Two-Fold Approach

Soriant Solutions helps in two ways at once. Your Interim Manager/Consultant tackles the immediate challenge, shouldering the additional workload the situation requires. At the same time an on-site consultant is able to make significant and lasting improvements to your organization’s operations.

This two-fold approach ensures that not only will the short-term crisis be solved, but that your organization will end up operating more efficiently than it did before the crisis began.

How We Work with You

First, we work with you to help you clarify and define your needs, including your short- and long-term objectives and your timeline. We then draw on our extensive network of healthcare managers and executives to find the person who has the skills and experiences needed to temporarily fill your vacancy or to help lead your project. Our ability to match our consultants’ skills and background with your needs provides a seamless transition at a time when your company is vulnerable. We take care of your immediate needs while helping you make the transition to the future. Our goal is to help your organization thrive today and for a long time to come.

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