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Washington State Healthcare Consultants

New regulations and mandates are forcing hospitals all over the United States to change their health care delivery models. Hospitals located in Washington State are finding that along with mandated changes, there are additional costs associated with them. The implementation of MACRA has administrators and other decision makers in Washington State hospitals looking for ways they can save on the products, and tools they need to care for their patients.

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Patient Care is the Top Priority

Soriant Washington Healthcare Consulting teams have helped hospitals and other healthcare facilities meet their financial goals while improving the quality of patient care for over ten years. The implementation of MACRA has changed Hospital Operating Practices, as the industry’s reimbursement rates are dependent upon patient satisfaction scores. It is imperative that Washington hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities find innovative ways to streamline their process of healthcare delivery, increase their healthcare operating savings, while also increasing their customer satisfaction rates.   The professionals at Soriant assess cost savings opportunities within a hospital or healthcare system, with a 100% implementation success rate relevant to projected savings. With our diverse backgrounds, we can pinpoint and implement best practices, while developing customized solutions that work for individual hospitals.

Better Services at Lower Costs

Soriant Solutions Consulting team members work with the management team in FNS departments to help them find more efficient ways to modernize hospital operating practices in their departments. Soriant healthcare consulting has great success with helping clients achieve their goals because they come from a host of healthcare backgrounds. Their combined experiences afford them the unique ability to view each facility as an independent operation, with its own unique set of challenges.

Linen Departments Are Leading the Way

Linen departments are at the forefront of the modernizing of the hospital industry. Linen departments in facilities are extremely important in how patients view hospitals, and the services they provide. Soriant Consultants clarify to hospital management teams the best strategy to lower costs associated with their laundry departments. This can be achieved by working with the facilities management team to establish and implement both short-term and long-term goals, negotiating new vendor contracts, and working with team members to enhance staffing productivity.

Helping Environmental Services Departments Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Soriant team members partner with Environmental Services teams to develop and deploy more efficient methods to comply with MACRA and other mandated regulatory standards. Processes are streamlined increase levels of productivity. Additionally, an evaluation of equipment and products currently used is completed.  A comparison analysis with similar hospital and vendors is performed and contracts are negotiated to help the department reduce costs.

Washington’s #1 Leader in Healthcare Consulting

With over 25 years of hospital management experience, Soriant Solutions is Washington’s leading choice for healthcare consulting. If you are looking for quality consulting services, which are personalized to individual need, you have come to the right place. Hospitals and medical facilities across the state are choosing Soriant Solutions for proven results.

FNS, Laundry & Linen, and EVS consulting services are just a few of the support service departments we work with.  Solutions are offered for Clinical Engineering, Contract Services, Design, Energy/Utilities, Facilities Management & Engineering, Laboratory Services, Patient Transport, Pharmacy, Room Service, Security, and Vending.

We implement modern approaches to the healthcare consulting industry, such as the Lean Six Sigma method, to enable us to significantly lower your hospital expenditures.  Our unique approach involves implementing quality consulting services with a personable staff who adapts to individual needs. We understand that clients need to work with kind, caring, and competent consultants, and we ensure that you will receive a unique and pleasant high-quality experience. Learn how we saved hospitals an average of $30 million in annual savings by using the Lean Six Sigma Approach and how we can do the same for you. Contact our representatives at (770) 777-6633 or to become a leader in the healthcare consulting industry today!

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