Vending Services

An overlooked revenue opportunity for many hospitals is vending services. From simple vending machines to large kiosks, these largely unstaffed systems generate capital from otherwise unproductive areas of your facility. Stocking these vending machines with healthful, nutritious options even leads to increased patient satisfaction. In fact, Soriant has been so successful in finding additional revenue streams through vending services that we even helped one client achieve $1.2 million dollars of accumulated earnings over a 7-year contract. Simple innovations like vending machines and kiosks can provide huge returns on your organization’s investments. Soriant consultants are constantly searching for new technology and representing our clients’ interest throughout vendor negotiations, ensuring that you’re receiving fair commissions and frequent restocking.

As your committed partner in healthcare savings, Soriant can pinpoint areas where your organization can boost its annual earnings by:

  • Increasing commissions upfront
  • Switching to energy-efficient vending technology
  • Realizing increased revenue streams from vending contracts
  • Improving amenities and boosting visitor satisfaction
  • Negotiating contracts with your business’s financial interest in mind
  • Auditing and tracking the success of vending services
  • Managing RFP processes with new providers

Our team is committed to finding 21st century solutions in the world of healthcare consulting. As the industry continues to adapt, it is important that all hospitals find innovative ways to keep their business profitable and efficient. Meeting your organization’s unique goals is as easy as scheduling a consultation with Soriant.