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Three Things To Improve Customer Satisfaction In Your Cafeteria

A hospital’s cafeteria functions as not only a place to eat but also as a central meeting place for hospital team members.  While it is impossible to satisfy all customers, it is possible to meet the needs of most and ensures that most customers are happy customers.  Because let’s face it, a cafeteria with unhappy customers is more often than not profitless.

So, how can you ensure that your customers are happy and continue to eat in your cafeteria?  Here are three simple tips:

  1. Right Price. Often times, when I mention to a client the need to right price their menu selections, the assumption is that cafeteria prices should be increased across the board.   This isn’t true.  In fact, increasing prices across the board can have the opposite effect of improving customer satisfaction.  However, it does mean that you need to look at the food cost of your menu offerings and price it realistically so it guarantees profits.
  2. Train Your Employees. Employee training is so very important and involves more than just training on food safety and being polite and pleasant at all times.  All cafeteria staff, from the grill cook to the cashier, should know what’s on the menu, what are the daily specials, and what’s the correct price for each menu item. Additionally, your cafeteria employees should know how to handle customer concerns and what to do to deescalate an uncomfortable situation with a disgruntled customer.  Ensuring your employees are engaged will help keep your customers happy.
  3. Survey, Survey, Survey. Before making any changes in your cafeteria, survey your current customers to get a baseline of how you are doing.  Then, quarterly, semiannually or annually, measure your progress and make adjustments to your program as needed.

If you follow these three tips, you will improve customer satisfaction in your cafeteria!

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