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Meet the Soriant Team


We make it our mission to create sustainable solutions

Erik Scott

Chief Executive Officer
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We are laser-focused on what we do at the highest level, we don't try to be everything to everyone.

Scott Kern

Chief Operating Officer
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Brian Nugent

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People like working with Kind, Caring and Competent People

Christina Nugent

Co Founder
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Focused on a Holistic
Consulting Approach

Client Solutions

Soriant engages with your team in reducing operating expenses and enhancing sustainable quality KPI's year over year.

Jay Marvin

Senior Vice President
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We believe in creating a collaborative, side by side approach

Jessica Rizzo

Vice President
Client Solutions
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Engagement Experts

Jessica Rodriguez

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Clear COVID-19 EVS Solutions

Matt Sedor

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Transparency is our Focused Approach

Increased HCAHPS
Scores and Patient Satisfaction

Gail Hoins

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Utilizing Technology-Enabled Services

Joseph Dysko

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Increased HCAHPS Scores and Patient Satisfaction

Rock Jensen

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Addressing Today's Challenges

Clear Cost Transformation

Michael Salzer

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James Swisher

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David Feldman

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Pioneering Best Practice

Lisa Terry

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Enduring Competitive Advantage

Minimizing Risk while Increasing Reliability

Rose Miller

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Maximizing Quality and Optimization

Larry Tojo

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With a comprehensive and proven implementation approach, we have the science to insure future success

Lean Six Sigma - Overcoming Obstacles and Organizing Efficiencies

Relentless pursuit to improve processes while reducing costs

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Delivering Sustainable Results and Savings

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