Soriant Evolves to Better Serve You

Soriant Solutions continues to Evolve to Better Serve You – Achievement Highlights of 2014

2014 has been a great year for Soriant Solutions.  Along with expanding our business and adding service lines to our offerings, we have been able to accomplish some ambitious goals.  Our most notable accomplishments of the year include:

Additional Service Lines

We added three additional service lines to continue to enhance value to our clients:

  • Vending Services can produce thousands of dollars of savings for our clients and we have over 20 years of experience in the industry to do just that.  We recognized that vending services are often undervalued and offer excellent opportunities for hospitals to increase revenue and improve the patient experience.
  • Our Laboratory Services team serves as a collaborative partner with hospitals.  We help achieve savings, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.  When working with clients we thoroughly evaluate their laboratory practices through data collection and benchmarking to determine the best ways to save money and improve performance.Healthcare Consulting


  • Our Energy/Utilities Service line has revealed that 94% of our clients are overpaying for their telecom and utility services.  We are able to evaluate existing voice and data networks for improved service and additional cost reduction opportunities.  Our team is well versed in negotiations with equipment vendors and service providers and able to ensure best market rates for our clients.

Our focus in adding these service lines is to bring even greater value to our clients and this will continue in 2015 by adding a Design service line.

Community Commitment

Soriant’s commitment to the community remains strong.  During 2014, we participated in charitable endeavors supporting different hospital events and organizations such as Cystic Fibrosis.  Along with these efforts, we have demonstrated our commitment to thought leadership in the industry through our publications on the Soriant Source, speaking engagements including:  a training webinar for AHE Benchmarks & Other Metrics for Effective Linen Management” and “Linen, Gone Before It’s Time” presentation at AHE national conference in September.  We have also published articles including:  “Voices – Healthcare Reform & its Impact on the EVS Profession” in AHE’s Explore Magazine; Key Leadership Aspects to Sustained Success” in Healthcare Facility Management Magazine; “Textile Care Processing and Distribution Standards” in AHE’s Explore Magazine and most recently, “Top 4 Sources of Savings in Support Services” in HFM Magazine.

Soriant Heroes

In 2014, we launched a new effort, recognizing Soriant Heroes examples of star performers who have gone above and beyond.  Through recognizing them, we highlight the values to which we aspire and promote a positive, engaged workplace.

Alvin, Soriant Hero


Performance Based Payment Model

One significant shift in our business model this year was aimed at being better partners to our client’s by moving from a fee-based engagement to a performance based payment model.  This offers our clients an opportunity to utilize our services without risk and extends the relationship we have to allow Soriant to continuously enhanced hospital productivity, patient satisfaction and services.  We truly partner in our clients’ success.

Focus in 2014, was to make life easier for the C-Suite as we collaborate with them in drive results.  The outcomes were notable, with Soriant managing the majority of “heavy lifting” in all engagement so the hospital leadership remained focused on their hospital business without disruption.  The processes included validating and measuring key metrics to establish baseline performance and showcase growth and hospital benefit.  Our commitment and expertise in implementation offered smooth transitions and real dollar savings.

Solution Neutrality

One of Soriant’s key differentiators remains constant, our focus on being solution neutral.  We continue to match our clients with the best option(s) that serves their business.  In some cases that is going to/staying self op, in other cases it’s going to/staying outsourced.  Our lack of bias related to outsourcing or vendors allows us to consistently find the best solution for you.  We also serve your interest particularly well in a competitive bid process.

Insuring Targeted Outcomes

Soriant has also taken measures to partner with hospitals for a minimum of 12 months.  We’ve launched a process of monitoring post implementation targeted outcomes to insure results are maintained for at least a full calendar year.  We have systematically enforced balanced scorecard accountability and development.  This includes ongoing, monthly evaluations with internal staff and/or contract providers to insure acceptance, compliance and ultimately success.  We have made it our practice to monitor continued performance results.

  • Financial performance
  • Patient/Customer satisfaction
  • HCAHPS Scores
  • Employee Engagement
  • Regulatory compliance

During 2014, we have maintained our commitment to continued infrastructure development and improvements in order to standardize healthcare system processes.  We at Soriant welcome an opportunity to be a full partner for your success in 2015 and beyond.