Higher Education & University Consulting Services

Soriant Solutions is proud to partner with educational institutions across the nation including universities, colleges, private schools, and more to create sustainable quality outcomes that reduce costs and increase student satisfaction. Each of our educational consultants is experienced in the field and is familiar with areas you may have unnecessary costs. Our goal is to evaluate your organization’s various Support Service Departments to help you reduce expenditures by 10-12% while also improving your bottom line. Our three-phase process streamlines efficiency, redesigns job flows, and renegotiates contracts for your organization’s financial interests. Learn more about how our education consulting firm can help you reduce costs while improving the student experience!

Our Private School, College, and University Consultants offer the following Support Services Solutions:

Contracts & Contract Services

Renegotiating contracts with third-party vendors can often achieve savings in the millions of dollars. Our team has offered professional consulting on hundreds of healthcare and education contracts, giving us a comprehensive understanding of how the industry works. With a dedicated team representing your business’s financial interests, Soriant can negotiate a contract that maximizes your coverage options.  Read More

Design Services for Healthcare


The physical layout of your office or institution can actually reduce productivity and overall earnings year over year. Designing an aesthetically pleasing facility will actually attract patients and lead to more business. Further steps to simplify workflow, encourage sanitation, and improve staff mobility can equate to huge annual savings.
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Custodial Services for Educational Facilities

You buildings and classrooms should be beacons of cleanliness and sanitation. At the same time, these facilities also produce tons of waste that need to be safely disposed of. Balancing these initiatives without increasing fees or enlarging staff can be difficult without a partner like Soriant to find your most cost-effective solutions.
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Facilities Management & Engineering

Soriant consultants will help your facility improve operational efficiency, generate utility savings, and design the most advantageous environment for patients and staff. We assist your business in purchasing and upgrading assets, negotiating new contracts, and maintaining regulatory standards to deliver optimal service outcomes.
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Food Services

Providing high-quality food to your students and visitors is a necessary, yet expensive budgetary constraint. Many of our consultants are former directors of food & nutrition departments, so we have the expertise to bring cutting-edge practices into the kitchen, reducing your net operating costs and boosting satisfaction.
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interim management services educationINTERIM MANAGEMENT SERVICES

When faced with tactical and strategic challenges, companies must adapt faster and bolster internal resources with the added experience that Soriant provides.  Having skilled, experienced leadership to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities or drive strategic transactions is critical.  Soriant’s interim team lead and engage in the process to ensure stability through the transition. Our interim team provides leadership, operating experience, financial management and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to help design and reinforce stakeholder goals.
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SECURITYsecurity officer

An academic institution must provide a sense of security and safety to all of its visitors. Insufficient security can lead to asset loss, while overstaffing can lead to excessive outlays. Finding the ideal number of officers and installing advanced security systems can optimize your students’ safety.
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Offering the best consulting services requires our team to have the vision to walk in someone else’s shoes. Understanding the people you serve and the atmosphere you wish to provide are integral in developing a unique solution for your educational institution. Partnering with Cleveland Clinic, the following video reveals our dedicated approach to allay the concerns of patients and family and maximize the healthcare experience for all.


For more information on our specialized college and university consulting services or to inquire about specific ways that Soriant can help your organization, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our educational consultants.

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