Room Service

Patients expect a certain level of quality and care when they stay for prolonged periods at a hospital – room service is only part of that enhanced experience. With our staffing and nutrition expertise, we can implement a meal delivery system throughout your hospital. Maintaining room service with full amenities requires careful examination of equipment, preparation techniques, staffing, and organizational standards to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Soriant is your healthcare partner to identify areas where you can divest money from useless expenses and pump the savings back into programs that boost patient satisfaction.

Thanks to our consulting services, healthcare facilities around the nation have found success in room service programs that boost their organization’s bottom line. We approach every client differently and offer a unique perspective by:

  • Developing a comprehensive plan and timeline to roll out your program
  • Designing customized room services that are optimal for the patient capacity, staffing requirements, and budgetary constraints
  • Using industry-best practices to provide unparalleled patient care
  • Recommending the best technology and organization solutions
  • Evaluating and improving existing room service programs
  • Appropriately incorporating all levels of staff
  • Training employees so that they are well-versed in new hospital policies

Implementing a hospital-wide room service program is a long-term investment that requires frequent modifications and adapting standards. To find a system that benefits your organization and save money at the same time, trust the healthcare consultants at Soriant.