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Do you offer Room Service to your patients?

If your facility was built prior to 1995, it was probably not designed with Room Service in-mind. Does this mean you must spend thousands of dollars for kitchen renovations and new equipment in order to implement Hospital Room Service? Certainly not!

Soriant has helped many clients with older facilities successfully implement Room Service without major investment in demolition/construction and equipment.

The recipe for success is to design a menu and operating procedures that allow you to offer a variety of high-quality food choices and provide patients with flexibility and control over the meal ordering and service process – all within the constraints imposed by the existing facility design and equipment.

Room ServiceSome of the most common constraints encountered in facilities not specifically designed for Room Service include:

•Equipment geared to bulk production versus cook-to-order
•Food production stations not located near tray assembly area
•Overall space/footprint limitations

While these constraints often preclude the implementation of a “cookie-cutter” Room Service program, they can be overcome with a “customized” menu and “tailored” procedures that result in a Room Service implementation that exceeds expectations without breaking the bank.

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