Reduce Healthcare Costs and Resuscitate Your Bottom Line

Rising costs have paralyzed many providers’ bottom lines and led to rapid, industry-wide consolidations. Analyst reports reveal that provider mergers and acquisitions have risen a steady 14 percent every year beginning in 2009.

As providers face potentially costly changes like EHR, ICD-10 and outcome-based reimbursements, the pressure to make huge changes or be folded into a larger organization mounts.

How to Reduce Healthcare Costs and Stay Above WaterCalculate Savings

The best solution for the vast majority of providers is to solicit an outside opinion.

Soriant can offer comprehensive support service consulting services that examine your provider model from the ground up. Our proven three-phase system reduces operating expenses by an average of 12%. We can also identify revenue-earning potential that can lift bottom lines up to 20% over a period of four to six months.

Clients benefit from our commitment to cutting-edge solutions and groundbreaking best practice approaches that invigorate both business models and operating models.

Cut Costs in Healthcare with Three Distinct Phases

  • Phase 1 — We engage with your organization and vigorously research all aspects of your model, from food and nutrition and environmental services to linens and beyond.
  • Phase 2 — We offer comprehensive suggestions to increase efficiency and create more effective job flows that enhance accountability and transparency.
  • Phase 3 — We examine and propose vendor contracts that improve services while cutting costs. Our specialty is vigorous negotiation of vendor contracts to ensure that you do not pay a penny more than necessary. 

Through this process, we have been able to sustain and exceed targeted cost reduction goals 100% of the time, bar none.

Our average 100 bed hospital client saves $1 million to $3.2 million during our engagement period. 250 bed hospitals save $2 million to $6.5 million. These outcomes equate to $20,000,000 in savings over just five years!

We Can Save Providers Money in Most Departments:

  • Contracts & Contract Services
  • Facilities Management/Engineering
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Food Service & Nutrition
  • Patient Transport
  • Laundry, Linens & Uniforms
  • Environmental Services
  • Vending

Sound Too Good to Be True?

We promise consistent results only because we have past evidence to back it up. Every client we engage receives the same rigorous attention to detail and our tireless dedication to researching the perfect solutions that best-fit their needs. We also refuse to back down to vendors, negotiating vehemently on our clients’ behalf to obtain the most advantageous contract pricing possible.

If you need any more proof, consult our results section to see true, reliable estimates for a 250 bed hospital and to review our authentic case studies.

While these results speak for themselves, so does our commitment to serving the best interests of our clients. Rest assured that with Soriant Solutions, we become your partners, sharing your priorities and perspective together.

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