$392 BILLION in Proposed Medicare and Medicaid Budget Cuts – How will this affect you?

President Obama recently announced his fiscal year 2014 budget request, with $392.9 billion in reductions to Medicare and Medicaid. The potential changes could affect hospitals in several ways, including adjustments to hospital budgets and impacts on care delivery.

A few of the Medicare-focused cuts include:

  • Eliminating the critical access hospital designation for hospitals located fewer than 10 miles from the nearest hospital
  • Implementing site-neutral payments for some procedures commonly performed in skilled nursing facilities and inpatient rehabilitation facilities
  • Implementing bundled post-acute care payments

The American Hospital Association published a special bulletin last month highlighting details of the proposal. To access the proposed budget, follow this link:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/Overview.

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About the Author:

Chris brings more than 18 years of healthcare support services expertise. As a former contract management provider, Chris has an in-depth knowledge of provider fees and fee structures, enabling him to safeguard critical funds. Chris excels at finding ways institutions can reap benefits via rebates, paying the right price for the right product, and retaining low costs.