Across the nation, hospitals are facing rising costs and lower reimbursements for the medications their patients need most. Considering that 10-15% of the average hospital budget is devoted to pharmaceuticals, it is no wonder that healthcare facilities are scrambling to find ways to match their drug supply with rising demand. The complexity of the pharmaceutical industry nearly requires a third-party consultant to manage purchasing agreements, oversee prescription distribution, overcome drug shortages, optimize organizational systems, and enhance patient safety. With Soriant, we find ways to help your facility navigate through the complicated world of contract negotiations and implement new solutions that increase the efficiency of your pharmacology department.When you choose the healthcare consultants at Soriant, you have made a commitment to boost the savings and revenue of your hospital. Some of our pharmacy solutions include:

  • Creating strategic planning benchmarks and adopting the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI)
  • Reducing departmental expenses and finding improved pricing options
  • Utilizing BenchmaRx™ to boost operational efficiency
  • Recommending improvements to the revenue cycle process
  • Developing ambulatory medication plans and P&L analysis
  • Overseeing pharmaceutical policy implementation
  • Expanding medication safety protocols
  • RFP development and negotiations

Increasing your hospital’s earnings requires a team of experts that can identify cost-cutting opportunities in a number of departments, together adding up to big savings. As your dedicated healthcare consultant, Soriant is your partner for the future of your organization.