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Patient Transportation

Successful transportation of patients is critical to the success of a healthcare system


of Care

Providing patient transportation solutions with a focus on logistics, performance and accountability. Using analytics to establish baselines and performance improvement goals resulting in a decrease in work related injuries.


Whether Self-Operated or Contracted to a 3rd party - our consultants analyze operations, contracts and staffing options to improve both capacity and throughput. We ensure department safety, efficiencies within a comprehensive solution.

Increase Patient

Focus on consistent and reliable patient access to essential care. We identify, integrate and optimize to free up nurses to focus on caring for the patient by improving transport times and processes.

Meet your Patient Flow Goals

Successful and timely transportation of patients throughout the hospital is critical to the success of a healthcare system. Not all testing facilities can be in close proximity to patients at all times, so staff members have to spend large amounts of time safely transporting these patients to new areas.

Why Soriant?

Our job is to boost efficiency to the highest level by optimizing transportation schedules, staffing requirements, and equipment reserves. Our innovative solutions can reduce the cost and time per trip, leading to increases in overall productivity and the completion of more daily transports. We conduct a top-to-bottom analysis of current patient transport systems and offer new strategies to improve efficiencies day in and day out. We take a wide range of human factors and structural considerations into account as we develop a program that’s right for your facility.

Improving patient satisfaction and reducing wait times can be as easy as scheduling a consultation with Soriant. Our team will identify areas to increase your organization’s bottom:

  • Improve patient room and bed turnover
  • Evaluate service line profitability
  • Reduce LOS (length of stay)
  • Improve patient flow management
  • Increase labor efficiencies through balanced workflows
  • Resolve problems that lead to patient transport delays
  • Identify transport related delays and alleviate causes
  • Negotiate/Renegotiate service contracts
  • Managing RFP/RFI for new providers
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction

As your collaborative healthcare consultant, Soriant guarantees that it can find the needed savings for your medical facility with a focus on quality outcomes. Patient transport is one facet of our uniquely tailored program to boost your hospital’s yearly revenue.

With Soriant’s collaborative, side-by-side approach, tracking and measurement tools, our support services departments continually achieve projections and meet budgets. Transparency is the vital principle that enables your leadership to harness the internal controls, create efficiencies, and improve processes to guarantee your institution’s long-term success.

Choose Soriant to accelerate your healthcare performance.

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Client Success Stories

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Patient Transport Services Optimizing Processes, Establishing Sustainable Strategies

Final solution implementation results in a patient transport cost reduction of 7.1-14.5%.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Patient flow is the movement of patients throughout your facility. It begins at the point of admission through to the actual discharge. Improving patient transportation within the hospital and other facilities includes allocating the correct amount of resources, having a strong scheduling system and the processes to deliver the patient to the right department on a timely basis. When was the last time your patient flow processes were assessed?
The concept of patient transportation is fairly straightforward, but the process of completing it successfully is rather complex. In order to smoothly progress a patient from admission to discharge often requires exposure to different departments, doctors, nurses and other staff. This can be incredibly difficult depending on volume of patients, services available, hospital capacity and more. A delay in one set of tests for the patient can slow down their treatment and results that the caregivers need in order to continue the healing process. An efficient process will increase patient satisfaction and more importantly often decrease their length of stay.
One patient transportation barrier can interrupt the entire hospital flow. The barriers can include delayed test results, seeing a specific specialist, or pre-certification. Medical procedures/test that are delayed can impact the average patient stay by two full days. Receiving the wrong or delayed medication can also impact a stay by over two days. A delayed doctor visit can add over a day of stay. It is important to identify the most impactful barriers that can delay the patient discharge and use technology and process improvements to resolve them. Consider a Soriant Assessment that can help you identify your barriers and the tools available to find the best sustainable solutions for your team and organization.
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