Patient Transport

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Transporting patients throughout the hospital is an integral part of our healthcare system. Not all testing facilities can be in close proximity to patients at all times, so staff members have to spend large amounts of time safely transporting these individuals to new areas. With Soriant, our job is to boost efficiency to the highest level by optimizing transportation schedules, staffing requirements, and equipment reserves. Our innovative solutions can reduce the cost and time per trip, leading to increases in overall productivity and the completion of more daily transport. As our team is searching for ways to save money for your organization, we conduct a top-to-bottom analysis of current patient transport systems and offer new strategies to improve their efficiency day in and day out. We take a wide range of human factors and structural considerations into account as we develop a program that’s right for your facility.

Improving patient satisfaction and reducing wait times can be an easy as scheduling a consultation with Soriant. Our team will identify areas to increase your organization’s bottom line by:

  • Improving patient room and bed turnover
  • Managing throughput processes
  • Reducing LOS (length of stay) for all patients
  • Improving patient flow management
  • Resolving problems that lead to patient transport delays
  • Negotiating service contracts and managing RFP/RFI for new providers

As your collaborative healthcare consultant, Soriant guarantees that it can find huge savings for your medical facility. Patient transport is one facet of our uniquely tailored program to boost your hospital’s yearly revenue.

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