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Every college, university, and secondary school has the same end-goal in mind: improving student satisfaction. Happy students mean higher retention rates, and these positive statistical numbers can qualify you for certain state and federal grants. However, reaching these “above average” and “excellent” data points can be difficult, especially with the ever-changing trends and constant merging in the collegiate and university system.

Why Hire an Educational Consultant?

Partnering with an Oregon higher education consulting firm allows a neutral third-party to evaluate current systems and processes, finding room for improvement and places you can lower costs. By saving money where it may be wasted, your organization can finally put a down payment on the building it has wanted to acquire or buy the latest trending item, such as phone charging stations for students. There is always room for advancement and improving the student experience. Soriant is happy to assist!

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One of the ways our higher educational consultants save you money is by inspecting the contracts you have between various vendors. We understand the ins and outs of contracts and will help you reach your maximum savings where you need it most. Our specialized Oregon college consulting services include:

Soriant Solutions is proud to be one of the state’s top higher education consulting firms. Our consultants are happy to help you in the following areas:

  • Contract Services
  • Design Services
  • Custodial Services
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Interim Management Services
  • Security

Learn More about our Oregon Higher Education Consulting Services

Interested to see how much you could save? Contact Us for more information. Our Oregon higher education consulting company is here to not only find the largest savings opportunities possible, but to make your campus a safe, healthy, and financially sound organization. Our team of consultants is proud to deliver market-responsive strategies that drive down unnecessary expenses, improve revenue stream, and build a foundation to support your mission and initiatives.

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