Laundry and Linens

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Outsiders to the healthcare industry often overlook the importance of laundry and linen services in a hospital. This department provides an essential service to enhance patient comfort and reduce infections, so it is important that the performance of laundry & linen services always meets strict industry standards. Whether you outsource to a hospital laundry service or handle it on-site, there are many ways that you can reduce overhead expenses. Soriant helps your organization find the most efficient healthcare laundry management strategy by reducing the cost per pound and optimizing linen utilization around the facility.

With our professional healthcare consulting, our team will help you identify areas where you can save on laundry and linen services, like:

  • Negotiating hospital linen service contracts with your financial interest in mind
  • Taking advantage of large-volume discounts with contractors
  • Enhancing staffing productivity
  • Implementing short and long-term goals to meet industry benchmarks
  • Reducing textile and supply charges
  • Using environmentally conscious products and practices
  • Managing RFI/RFP with new service providers

Partnering with Soriant is the best decision that your healthcare facility can make. Our mission is simple: to promote financial success and improve patient care. Enhancing laundry and linen services is only of our many solutions to meet your organization’s goals.

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