Laboratory Services

A clinical laboratory is an essential part of any hospital, but making it run efficiently with limited funds can prove to be a difficult task. As your collaborative healthcare partner, Soriant helps your organization achieve savings and increase revenue through laboratory services. We work with your laboratory staff to collect data and set clear benchmarks to improve performance over time. When our consultants analyze different ways to enhance productivity, we take a number of specialized solutions into account, including: negotiating supplier or outside laboratory contracts, improving turn-around times, optimizing in-house testing facilities, updating technology/equipment, and integrating new lab practices.

Soriant healthcare consultants have decades of experience in laboratory settings, combining a scientific background with an eye for business success. We are uniquely qualified to enhance your laboratory services and raise your hospital’s bottom line by:

  • Reducing error rates
  • Evaluating and improving blood utilization policies
  • Interim management and long-term strategic oversight
  • Negotiating vendor contracts
  • Utilizing internet-based lab ordering systems
  • Periodic instrument and equipment analysis for replacements/upgrades
  • Implementing reporting programs and performance benchmarking

The team of medical consultants at Soriant has the expertise to deliver proven results to your organization. Adapting to the rapidly changing healthcare industry can create new opportunities for our clients to thrive.