Interim Management Services

Successful expansions, turnaround, and transitions within the department(s), or from/to self-op, is an absolute certainty.  Having skilled, experienced leadership to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities or drive strategic transactions is critical.  Soriant’s interim management team will lead and engage in the process to ensure stability through the transition. We will provide leadership, operating experience, financial management, and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to design and reinforce stakeholder goals.

Working side-by-side with your management team, Soriant provides the practical knowledge and fresh perspective to plan and implement a comprehensive and sustainable plan, no matter how constrained the budget or time might be.  We will customize a short-term action plan to stabilize the department, and then build steps to create longer-term strategies that will yield sustainable, lasting change.

Interim Management Services for Education

Success requires support from all stakeholders – we pride ourselves in efficiently building the consensus that allows for a smooth expansion, turnaround or transition plan(s). By engaging all parties and openly communicating actions, timelines, goals, and milestones we efficiently move forward, unimpeded. We are committed to our mission of accelerating performance within the support service departments with integrity, service, and results.

Let our experts help you chart a new opportunity and direction for your organization.

Why Soriant?

When faced with tactical and strategic challenges, companies must adapt faster and bolster internal resources with the added experience that Soriant provides.  We have successfully supported departments seeking a more efficient management team by providing needed short-term resources and a fresh eyes approach. Though not a direct placement agency, we do partner with our clients to support the recruitment process, often helping guide the entire recruiting effort.

Our team successfully supports your departments by taking on that extra workload AND making significant contributions to your operation. An absence of key leadership for 30 days or more can have a very negative impact on operations, employee morale, and satisfaction though-out your campus.  Soriant partners with you to ensure that any transition nets a productive and sustainable impact. 

The resources and tools we provide strengthen your foundation and improve performance.  We bring stability and satisfaction, with a keen sense of urgency and understanding, as we take the lead and execute the initiatives at hand, including:

  • Launch/Relaunch a New Service/Product Line
  • Enhance Revenue Growth
  • Establish Clear and Attainable Goals
  • Conduct Mission-Critical Negotiations
  • Implement New System(s)
  • Integrate an Acquisition
  • Drive Significant Cost Realignments
  • Perform Improvement Initiatives
  • Implement a new Organizational Design
  • Exit a Line of Business / Service / Product Line

How can Soriant Help

When an organization has little time and few options, Soriant brings a responsive approach, professionalism, and extensive experience to effectively blend into your organization and align quickly to your needs and culture.  The metrics and tools developed by our team provide objective leadership with positive impacts on operations and serve as the foundation for any type of change or need.  Our seasoned professionals will work with your executives to build a strong turnaround/transition team, establish clear and attainable goals, and provide the basis for a strong and sustainable future.

Interim Positions

  • Administrative Managers
  • Clinical Dietitians
  • Engineering Services Directors
  • Environmental Services Directors
  • Executive Chefs
  • Food Service Directors
  • Materials Management Directors
  • Operational Managers
  • Patient Services Managers
  • Retail Managers
  • Training Managers