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Illinois Healthcare Consulting Firm Helps Cut Operating Costs While Improving Quality of Patient Care

Illinois Healthcare Consultants

Illinois hospitals have gone through a host of changes to comply with mandates imposed by MACRA. Many hospitals throughout the state have been enhancing processes and working to improve hospital best practices. Additionally, MACRA’s implementation has caused many hospitals in Illinois to spend more money than originally budgeted. As the healthcare industry anticipates the implementation of the final stages of MACRA, medical facilities are looking for ways to save money, so they can continue to provide medical services.

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Soriant’s Illinois Healthcare Consulting teams develop market-responsive strategies to help lower healthcare expenditures while providing a higher quality of patient care. Consultants at Soriant formulate strategies for their clients that are designed to:

  • Increase departmental revenue streams
  • Reduce departmental operating costs
  • Improve service levels throughout their facilities
  • Increase the efficiency and the productivity of the facility

Soriant’s commitment to transparent consultancy is one of the pillars of its business model and is imperative to working with their clients in balancing budgets and helping achieve fiscal projections.

Strategies for FNS Departments

Our healthcare consultants partner with hospitals and healthcare systems to lower net operating costs for Food & Nutrition departments. If your facility runs a self-operated FNS department, Soriant’s consultants demonstrate how to provide quality meals in an efficient operation, while minimizing waste and staying in budget. If you contract this area of operations to 3rd parties like Morrisons or Aramark, we are experts at contract negotiation, able to improve quality and decrease cost. With the experience and expertise of our FNS consultants, there is not a better team to have in your corner while negotiating final terms.

Reducing Laundry & Linen Services Costs

Clean linen is not only a vital part of high patient satisfaction scores, but it also prevents the spread of diseases and infections. Soriant’s team members help reduce the operational expenses of Laundry Services departments, whether outsourced or self-operated. Our professional’s partner with facilities to find areas where laundry service expenditures can be reduced. Some of the methods they implement include:

  • Enhance the productivity of staff
  • Reduce common textile and supply chargesRFI/RFP management
  • Capitalizing large-volume discounts

Modernizing Environmental Services Departments

Soriant consultants optimize EVS departments to increase their productivity and protect the public from hospital-borne illnesses. With changes in the healthcare industry and the influx of hospital admittance, many best practices are used to ensure sterilization in minimum room changeover to keep up with demand.

Working with Soriant can support your organization by lessoning overhead costs associated with the operation of your facility so that you and your team members can concentrate on improving your customer satisfaction scores.

With over 25 years of healthcare management experience, Soriant Solutions is Illinois #1 leader in the healthcare consulting industry. Hospitals and medical facilities across the state are choosing Soriant Solutions for proven results. FNS, Laundry & Linen and EVS consulting services are just three areas of our expertise. We also offer solutions for:

By applying the most advanced approaches to healthcare consulting, such as the Lean Six Sigma method, we are able to drastically reduce overall hospital expenses. Our mission at Soriant Solutions is centered around the principles of integrity, service, and results. We are dedicated to improving performance of all support service departments. By our understanding that medical clients enjoy working with kind, caring, and competent consultants, you will be assured of receiving a personable and high-quality experience.

Discover how we saved Yuma Regional Medical Center over $1 Million in annual savings and how you can achieve similar success. Contact a Soriant Solutions consultant today at (770) 777-6633 or to get started!

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