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After the turbulent election year of 2016 and the uncertainties caused, including the impact to healthcare, 2017 to date has shown most organizations are refocusing on decreasing costs and improving performance.  The top four trends that we are seeing with our clients at Soriant Solutions are as follows:

Laundry and Linen Management 

This includes sourcing of textiles, processing laundry and the distribution and management of linens within a facility. The primary driver of laundry for 2017 has been the processing of laundry versus the distribution within a facility. Facilities want to:

  • Decrease, if not remove, dissatisfaction with quality and service of current providers

Benchmark price

  • Manage through market consolidation of vendors – and simplify relationships

Make decision to outsource or stay in house

Food Service Expense

Food and dining programs are a big expense for most hospitals.  Managing a cost structure based on proven benchmarks is critical.  The goal is to determine the optimal cost structure for the location versus identifying if productive labor hours per meal served is too high or too low.  Soriant Solutions believes Food Service cost structure should be evaluated ever 3-4 years for a number of reasons including scope increase and changes to patient dining models.

Food and EVS Program Development 

Over the last couple of years, we have seen continued interest by both hospitals and health systems to evaluate and consider moving these departments to outsources and then back to an in-house model.  As a vendor-neutral solution, Soriant has helped many organizations decide which model works best.  Many in-house programs have the core competencies to be successful but need the partnership to ensure success over the long term. We focus on the five key areas for such success:

  • Operations
  • Training
  • Strong Leadership
  • Quality assurance programs
  • User satisfaction measurement tools

The key is establishing the right methodology for success – ensuring best practices

Vendor Accountability

Once an agreement is in place, it is vital that the hospital or health system has a methodology to ensure that their vendor is providing the full scope of their program – Success must be measurable.  Soriant encourages quarterly or bi-annual audits to assure minimum performance requirements in each of the above areas. Once audits are conducted the organization and vendor can identify clear gaps and build a work plan to address them.

Deliverables for the service must be attained – This is critical for program success. Please review our short 6-minute webinar that discusses this even further – Four Primary Focus Areas/Trends in Support Services.

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