3 Things You May Not Realize Your Patients Notice During Their Stay at Your Facility

Hospitals are busy places, and healthcare professionals are just as busy. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to oversights that you may not realize you’ve made, but your patients will definitely catch. Here’s a look at three hospital stay issues that you may not realize your patients notice.

Effort and Care

Your patients take notice of how often you stop into their rooms, how regularly you check on their needs and comfort and the overall level of care you provide. Make sure that not only are you keeping tabs on them and showing concern but that it is the same people on a regular basis. If your patient sees thirteen different nurses every day, they start to feel like an obligation.

Everyone works shifts and your patients understand that but make sure they’re seeing the same few faces throughout the day, every day. This will make them feel not only more comfortable but more secure that their needs are truly being looked after. Even more important, fewer people are involved with the patient’s care, the less chance for mistakes to be made.

Time and Interaction

Make sure that no matter how stressful your day, your interactions with your patients are positive and helpful. Bedside manner really matters. Make sure that your systems are focused on patient satisfaction and that hospital stay issues are at a minimum by smiling, being helpful and handling their concerns and complaints with compassion and care.

Make eye contact. Ask how they are feeling and if they need anything. Be efficient but take the time you need to be sure that your patient’s comfort and needs are properly tended to. It’s about more than healing the body; keeping the mind and emotions healthy are vital to the recuperative process, and your patients will notice if you take the extra time.

Patient Focus

Hospitals are crazy places with lots of activity going on all the time. It’s reasonable for staff to be overwhelmed and stressed at times; everyone has days when they just can’t wait to get off work and relax. Your patients, however, can get frightened and worried if they think your focus is elsewhere.

If you are lounging at the nurse’s station talking about what you’re doing later, your patients will notice. If Hospitalmistakes happen down the hall with someone else, your patients will likely get wind of it and start to worry about their own care. The best way to alleviate your patient’s concerns is to remain focused on them and be completely honest about all the crazy things that are going on around them at the hospital.

Avoiding hospital stay issues means staying focused on the patient’s needs. Taking just a few minutes to engage in a good bedside manner and customer service can alleviate patient stress, improve efficiency and save you a lot of money in inpatient care. If you would like more information on how you can improve services and increase cost savings, read a bit about our team, and contact us today for more information.

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