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What is your Post Pandemic Plan?

post pandemic plan

Survival mode: what many hospitals and providers have been living daily since the Coronavirus outbreak. Everything is urgent; the deadline is now. It is here and you are fighting. Trying to make sense of this new threat that has shut down our very way of life.

Disaster preparedness plans are pulled out of the drawer and teams engage to become part of the battle. Priorities shift minute by minute.
Urgency shifts to prioritizing; and you can now take inventory post crisis. Lessons need to be learned. Where do you go from here?


Take Inventory

In a recent survey distributed by Resilinc specific to Pandemic Readiness, 42% of supply chains have not tested their pandemic plans in the last three years. To understand where you want to go, the first step is to understand where you are today so you can develop a revised plan of service.

A few questions to ask as you take inventory:

  • What worked? What did not?
  • Was your Emergency Preparedness Plan Effective?
  • Was your Pandemic Plan clear as it relates to HR?
  • What gaps in service emerged?
  • Did your communication plan provide the necessary information to your teams to adjust and flex?
  • Are training modules in place to quickly adapt to a new pattern and workflow?
  • Was the proper equipment available and ready to deploy?
  • Does your data management system provide quick access to inventory information?
  • Was vulnerability analysis performed?

leadership, process, and protocols

Emerging Trends

The following have emerged as trends over the last few weeks as we have worked closely with our existing clients through COVID-19.


  • Process and pattern of management
  • Staffing and flex models
  • Training, cross training, and staff competency
  • Data management as related to equipment inventory
  • Contingency plans for various influx ratios


  • Understanding of proper communication plans for crisis protocol
  • Insight of security risks related to crowd control measures, crimes of opportunity for PPE, pharmacy, and individual/staff property
  • Knowledge of the physical structure of the facility and how-to convert appropriately to house the surge
  • Strategic planning from department leadership

As you are tasked with writing a revised normal, taking inventory and looking at an assessment through the lens of a subject matter expert will provide key information needed to develop a strategic Post Pandemic Plan. This plan should include preparedness for a potential second wave of COVID-19 or any future health crisis.

Develop the Plan

It has been reported that hospitals are losing 40-50% of revenue while shouldering the unprecedented cost to prepare for the surge of COVID patients. To develop the best plan, an assessment will define the strategy; including how support service savings opportunity can contribute to your financial recovery from the Pandemic. For a holistic approach all components should be considered.

Operational structure. Financial measures. Quality indicators.

  • Identify best practices and gold standards
  • Set savings targets, financial goals and quality measures
  • Develop appropriate audit training and processes
  • Identify key project owners and teams
  • Identify and deploy project management tools
  • Distribute communication plans

Implement the Plan

The owner of the engagement should have the authority, resources, and tools to be a change agent. A well-defined plan will ensure each initiative is assigned and accountability measures are in place.

A solid project management tool should provide transparency to the process, identify any bottlenecks to progress and have the ability to report tasks to target.
A Balanced Scorecard should be implemented as a long-term management tool.

The New Normal

scrutinize priorities

Today national and local governments are rolling out plans to “re-open”. Providers have been through the trenches to understand what adjustments need to be made and how support services directly relate to patient care.

Providers are financially concerned and asking:

Today we will be writing a Post Pandemic Plan with the knowledge of the lessons learned as we made our way through COVID-19. We will look at how we can work better together while minimizing the impact of any new threat going forward.

As a supplier, I have been asking myself how can I be a valuable resource in the recovery back to “normal”? And more importantly, how can I provide my clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions on the best strategic plan going forward.

We have been and will continue to be in this together. Soriant can help support your Post Pandemic Plans related to support services. Please contact:

View resources dedicated to COVID-19.

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