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The Value of

Cost Containment
& Purchased Services

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Our Blog Reveals How To:


– Uncover Cost Containment Measures Without Sacrificing Patient or Staff Satisfaction
– Meet Rising Consumer Demands Specific
to Non-Clinical Support Services
– Use Industry Metrics and Benchmarks to Decide Which Services to Perform In-House and Which to Outsource


Written by Jessica Rizzo,
Senior Director Client Solutions
Soriant Solutions.
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April Newsletter

Insights That Generate Results               April 2018

Manage to the competitive pressures to reduce cost, improve quality and enhance the patient experience.


WEBINAR – Driving Down Costs

Erik Scott, Soriant Solutions’s CEO shares specific strategies on how to drive down laundry and linen costs.

WATCH – On Demand

A big-picture perspective on how to lower your linen cost.

Soriant Solutions invites you to assess your
for Laundry and Linen & several of the Support Services Departments
by using our c

Our Tool Kit Includes:
  • Two quick analysis tools for FNS and ES
  • Five comprehensive tools in Support Services to compare your facility/department against like size facilities 
  • A $$ savings range that can impact your 2018 budget 

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August Newsletter