Soriant Solutions Hero

With article headlines like “Traffic Hell Freezes Over” and the aftermath of pointing fingers and wondering who was responsible for putting people in danger, it’s refreshing to hear a much warmer story.  In many parts of the country a couple inches of snow seems pretty insignificant.  However, it can shut down a large metropolitan city like Atlanta and it did on January 28, 2014.   Thousands have stories of being stranded for hours or being involved in an accident, causing levels of bitterness and hardening.  Yet, on the same night, a hero emerged and his story will do nothing but warm your heart.

Alvin Graham, a production supervisor at Gwinnett Medical Center, in Lawrenceville, GA begins work most mornings at 4am.  He is a reserved, humble man with a “get-the-job-done” attitude.  Alvin lives about 20 miles away from work in Stone Mountain.   At 4am, on Wednesday, January 29th, Alvin did not show up to work.  He had not called in and based on his history of being reliable and timely, Jessica Rodriguez, Soriant Consultant managing the hospital reorganization, became very concerned.

As Jessica reports “I was so worried because he is always there by 4am, always, no exception.  Alvin arrived at 7:30am.  When he arrived he looked like death.  I told him I was so worried about him.  He said that when he realized he would probably not get to work by driving the next morning, he made the decision to start walking, yes WALKING to work.  He began his journey at 11pm Tuesday evening.   He then told me he made the decision to walk to work because ‘Ms. Jessica, I will never let you down.’  I was, personally and professionally so touched I had to walk away because I started to cry. Later that day, we found him a proper private room to sleep in and do you know what he did?  He gave it away to another employee because he said ‘they deserved it more.’”

Alvin’s story is one about commitment and purpose.  When one person can show such loyalty, it truly takes your breath away.

Though we all recognize the great risk he took and told him his decision was not the safest one or one that we would have recommended, we could not help but be in awe of such dedication and purpose.  When asked whether his mother would have fussed at him for taking such a risk, he responded, “Yes, my momma would have been very mad and worried about me.”

Here is a man that put himself at risk to insure that his job duties to serve others were met.  Here is a man that understands commitment and loyalty at a level that all management wishes existed in all their staff.  Here is a man that took his role as being so essential to the success of the process that he went far above and beyond the call of duty.  For these reasons, Alvin is our first ever Soriant Hero.

On February 5th Brian Nugent, Christina DuBois-Nugent, Chris Brown, and Jessica Rodriguez in the presence of Amy Tella and Nikkie Baughns presented Alvin Graham with a check and plaque that states:

In recognition for outstanding commitment

Alvin Graham

is presented with the

Soriant Solutions Hero Award

Soaring above the rest

Soriant Hero Award

Thanks to Alvin we are reminded how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.  And how great leadership, like our own Jessica Rodriguez, can bring out the loyalty that Alvin showed that cold night.  At Soriant we believe that people enjoy doing business with Kind, Competent and Caring individuals.  We know we enjoy it.  Alvin took our breath away and is truly a Soaring Hero!