Resources for you to use during COVID-19

During the current COVID-19 crisis, hospitals and other medical facilities are overwhelmed. We understand the issues you're currently facing, which is why the consultants at Soriant are here to help ease the burden. We are here for you with services that can help your establishment stay organized and ahead despite your increase in patients and staff risk.

When you need to ensure that your healthcare technology management programs are running effectively, trust the experts at Soriant.

After choosing the consulting services we have to offer, you can make informed decisions on:

  • Purchasing
  • Implementation
  • Process management

In order to comply with the ever-changing COVID-19 regulations, you need to stay tuned in to the latest updates. It can be hard to keep your staff in the loop when you are overwhelmed with patients. Soriant is here for you.

For the most cost-effective solutions that can streamline your operations, we offer:

  • Solutions for new supply vendor(s)
  • Negotiations for equipment contract(s)
  • Implementation of green solution(s)
  • Improvement of HCAHPS score(s)

With your dramatic increase of COVID-19 patients, maintaining a safe and clean atmosphere for your staff and guests is now more crucial than ever. Soriant can help you achieve the perfect balance of cost, quality, and service.

Let Us Know How We Can Help.

Our National Healthcare Consultants are Here and Ready to Assist.

  • Self-Op versus Contract Analysis 
  • Drive rapid results with clear initiatives 
  • Prioritize strategic initiatives for maximum impact 
  • Best practices – processes, technology, training
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