Soriant Solutions Announces Savings Calculators

Healthcare facilities across the country are always forced to focus on costs and overall budgets.  We at Soriant Solutions felt there was a need to offer our clients and hospitals across the country an efficient and quick way to estimate savings potential within specific support service departments by providing a robust savings calculator.  By submitting, on average, 10 pieces of data, our savings calculator offer savings opportunities as measured against like size facilities.  As we know, leadership is inundated with information and choices, these tools can streamline decision making and provide valuable information at their fingertips.

The beauty of this tool is it’s availability to all healthcare facilities for a quick desk top assessment with no obligation.  This is an online tool, that any healthcare facility, at any time, can quickly access and evaluate against years of information to see real savings opportunities.  This is a way for executives to conduct a “price check” to efficiently evaluate if their support service department(s) or vendor(s) are operating at peak efficiencies.  The savings summary provides an instant gauge of performance.

Soriant has a long history of working with clients to achieve tangible financial results but not at the expense of patient satisfaction, employee engagement or regulatory compliance.  In fact Soriant specifically focuses on these areas to enhance them while concurrently reducing department’s expense by an average of twelve percent.  By using the savings calculator you can determine the range of savings opportunity that can be attained.

Please visit our calculator page by clicking here, where you can access several of the available savings calculators (can you insert the picture of the calculator button) and see the ones that will be coming shortly.  As our industry continues to change its imperative to stay one step ahead and believe this is one tool that management can use to quickly find areas of savings.

We believe this is an inventive approach to improving ways of assisting the C suite in identifying opportunities within their departments cost efficiencies.  By using key metrics and benchmarks you can painlessly evaluate performance.   And by partnering with Soriant for implementation, Executives will be able to delegate the heavy lifting to us for Soriant to create and execute a customized approach.  A process that has netted our clients success in attaining and often exceeding identified savings, 100% of the time.  We look forward to you visiting us on the website and welcome any questions by calling our office at (770)777-6633. Soriant looks forward to continuing to transform the market even more in the years to come.