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South Carolina Healthcare Consultants

Medical facilities nationwide are making adjustments to their business model as the implementation of MACRA continues to modernize the industry. In addition to the implementation of MACRA, healthcare professionals in South Carolina must contend with one of the biggest crises affecting those working within the medical profession, Type II Diabetes. South Carolina ranks sixth in the nation in terms of the number of diabetics requiring treatment. The costs associated with the disease total $245 billion annually, and it is estimated that number will increase to $335 billion by 2034. Many South Carolina hospitals are struggling to control their budgets and are looking for cost effective solutions.

Soriant has been helping hospitals and health care systems learn ways to reduce their expenses for over ten years. The company has a team of leaders from different sectors of the healthcare industry who have vast amounts of experience.  By sharing this experience, clients discover how to identify the line items that are costing them the most. Healthcare Contract Management teams determine strategies which allow them to reduce costs. Soriant consultants recognize that every healthcare facility has their own set of challenges, frequently with different populations.  Soriant team members build relationships and partnerships with decision makers in each hospital they represent, thus collaborating to establish customized business solutions, while keeping patient satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do.

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Boosting productivity
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Negotiated Vendor
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Strategic Design

Reducing Healthcare Costs and Keeping Quality Patient Care at the Forefront

Working with medical facilities to develop market-responsive strategies, Soriant builds a system of sustainable patient care, while driving down costs. The Soriant South Carolina Healthcare Consulting team of professionals combines knowledge and experience, bringing decades of consulting expertise to the table. Their expertise includes the following:

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Managing RFP/RFI processes
  • Lowering departmental operating costs
  • Negotiating vendor contracts
  • Lowering costs in individual departments
  • Increasing revenue streams in individual departments
  • Improving levels of service across healthcare facilities.

Reducing Operating Costs in Food and Nutrition Departments

Soriant consultants provide knowledge to clients demonstrating delivery of high quality nutritious meals to patients and visitors, without increasing departmental budgets. Our staff at Soriant is comprised of executives who have previously worked with healthcare companies, contractors, and vendors, including former managers of FNS departments. Hospital and healthcare management teams are provided with a unique perspective which shows how to cut expenses in their departments. Clients gain custom made solutions that are designed to increase the sales in their departments, while increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing spending.

Linen Departments Protect Bottom Lines and Protect Populations

The Laundry & Linen department is usually the most overlooked department in healthcare facilities.  Having said that, it is one of the most important, and can be one of the most expensive to manage. Clean, crisp linen is important – patient satisfaction scores are partially based on the cleanliness of the linen in a facility.  Equally important, linens must be kept clean to control infections and hospital borne illnesses.  Many opportunities are available to increase satisfaction as well as decrease cost. Soriant professionals partner with this department to identify ways of lowering laundry and linen costs, including:

  • Negotiate contracts while making the client’s financial interests a priority
  • Enhance staffing productivity
  • Take advantage of large-volume discounts offered by contractors
  • Implement long and short-term goals to help clients reach industry benchmarks

The Face of Your Facility Rests in the Hands of Your Environmental Services Department

Environmental Services departments must have needed supplies to clean thoroughly and efficiently. In this department Soriant’s team of professional’s partner with Healthcare Contract Management teams to reduce their operating costs and improve productivity by: helping them locate new supply vendors, implementing green strategies and solutions, finding creative and cost-efficient ways to adhere to regulatory standards and bargaining more beneficial equipment contracts.

South Carolina’s #1 Consulting Service

Soriant Solutions is South Carolina’s most recommended consulting service, working with hospitals and medical facilities across the state.  Our healthcare approach is unique and personalized.  We offer support services solutions to address healthcare concerns from food & nutrition, laundry & linen, and environmental services departments.

Additionally, we provide solutions for Clinical Engineering, Contract Services, Design, Energy/Utilities, Facilities Management & Engineering, Laboratory Services, Patient Transport, Pharmacy, Room Service, Security, and Vending.

Our specialty is accelerating performance of each support service department with our personalized approach to healthcare. Our mission is to address consulting concerns at the root of the issue by implementing advanced healthcare consulting strategies, such as the Lean Six Sigma method, enabling us to significantly reduce overall hospital expenditures. Our integrity is in our service.

Discover how we have saved hospitals over $30 Million annually and how you can achieve similar success by applying our online savings calculator. With over 25 years of healthcare consultation experience, we provide each client with proven performance results. Contact a healthcare consultant today at (770) 777-6633 or to get started!

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