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Healthcare Consulting in North Carolina Can Help Facilities Improve Patient Satisfaction

North Carolina Healthcare Consultants

North Carolina residents are struggling. The combination of rising healthcare costs, along with difficulty in obtaining affordable healthcare has forced hospitals to make some tough decisions. The state of North Carolina has seen four of its rural hospitals close their doors because of financial instability. As hospitals scramble to make ends meet while implementing the new requirements of MACRA, they are looking for ways to reduce their operational budgets and stay in compliance with the law.

Working Together to Find Solutions

Soriant Healthcare Consulting has collaborated with healthcare providers and hospitals for over ten years to provide healthcare support service department. Soriant consultants explore departments such as Laundry & Linen, Food & Nutritional Services, and Environmental Services to help facilities of all sizes streamline their budgets. Well versed in the requirements of MACRA, Soriant consultants understand the future of healthcare is in the hands of the patients the industry serves. The new laws, which help to determine provider reimbursement rates, are based primarily on customer satisfaction scores.  A primary objective of the Soriant Solutions North Carolina Consulting team is to develop relationships with key decision makers in the hospitals and healthcare facilities they work with – understanding their needs, and helping them reduce costs, while maintain healthy customer satisfaction scores.

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Strategic Design

How Soriant Consultants Help

The Soriant team in North Carolina assesses support service operations, and then applies market responsive strategies to minimize healthcare costs.  Simultaneously, there is a focus on quality and improvement of patient care. The main objective of the Soriant team is to create an environment conducive to cost savings and patient care that is sustainable.

Services provided by Soriant consultants include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating strategies to reduce operating costs in individual departments
  • Increasing the revenue streams in each department
  • Increasing the efficiency and the productivity of facilities
  • Management of RPF/RFI
  • Helping facilities improve service levels across facilities
  • Negotiating vendor contracts

Soriant works with hundreds of medical facilities all over the United States, and we have a knowledgeable core of professionals who are ready to work with your team to achieve your facility’s goals. Our team is highly qualified, strategic, and will reach beyond the boundaries of North Carolina to identify best practices.  You will receive a customized plan for your hospital or healthcare system which will provide solutions that are efficient, cost saving, and focused on patient and staff satisfaction.

Soriant Solutions is North Carolina’s leading consulting service. Serving hospitals and medical facilities across the state, our approach to healthcare is unlike anyone else in the industry. We offer solutions to concerns in FNS, Laundry & Linen, and Environmental Service departments. Our solutions accelerate performance of support service department with a personalized approach to healthcare. Our mission is integrity in our service. We implement advanced approaches to the healthcare consulting industry, such as the Lean Six Sigma method, to enable us to drastically lower overall hospital expenditures.

Discover how we have saved hospitals over $30 Million annually and how you can achieve similar success by applying our online savings calculator. With over 25 years of directing healthcare performance through consultation, we provide each client with proven results.

We also offer solutions for Clinical Engineering, Contract Services, Design, Energy/Utilities, Facilities Management & Engineering, Laboratory Services, Patient Transport, Pharmacy, Room Service, Security, and Vending.

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