Food and Nutrition

Your food and nutrition department is critical not only to student satisfaction but your student’s health and wellness.  It also promotes a strong sense of community.   Food is something everyone is an expert at and today’s diverse population makes it more challenging for you to meet student, faculty and staff dining needs.   It is more critical today than ever to fully understand where your students come from, what their eating habits are, what is their spending practices and when do they like to eat.  How do you address those items when meeting financial requirement, provide variety and healthy food, decrease food waste, and meet your financial goals?

Food and Nutrition Service Consultants

Our team is made up of former leaders of food & nutrition departments as well as prior executives of educational and healthcare company vendors – our consultants provide an insider’s perspective to a great dining program. Soriant’s tailor-made solutions are designed to increase satisfaction, in turn boosting sales and offsetting spending elsewhere. We help your department procure new food service technology, adopt cutting-edge practices, and optimize staffing requirements to increase your organization’s bottom line.

How to Improve Your Dining Program

As your food and nutrition consultant, Soriant can identify ways to generate revenue and cut expenditures, leading to long-term reinvestment throughout the business. Our food and nutrition services include:

  • Assessing your food and nutrition program from beginning to end
  • Financial sustainability
    • What are the best meal plans
    • Enhance retail venue and locations
    • Mobile units or Pop-ups
  • Design Management
  • Evaluating your culinary experience
    • Culinary programs that match campus demographics
  • Improve student satisfaction through engagement and great food
  • Reducing food waste and supply costs
  • Finding low cost vendors to supply high-quality ingredients
  • Farm to table vendors where possible
  • Managing GPO conversions
  • Assessing RFP/RFI processes when switch to new suppliers
  • Clinical dietician options