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What is the right CMMS software for my facility?

A computerized maintenance management system has always been a good idea. You already know the old method doesn’t work. Spreadsheets and paper-and-pen systems waste your time and try your patience. You copy and paste into the wrong cell or misplace a piece of paper. Small mistakes quickly get compounded.  So, what is the right CMMS software for my facility?

CMMS makes your job easier. It helps you:

  • Reduces equipment downtime to a minimum
  • Cuts maintenance costs overall
  • Extends asset life
  • Automates preventative maintenance scheduling

A CMMS software delivers clear, measurable returns on your investment.

Modern CMMS software has moved from on-premises deployments to web-based CMMS solutions. Everything is now done through a computer or mobile device securely connected over the Internet. With modern software as a service, providers can secure, patch, and update the software for you. They also host your data, but it always remains your property. It’s yours to take with you if you ever change providers. All the cost and worry of maintaining the IT infrastructure have been taken off your shoulders.

Soriant will make your job easier

The process of researching for the right software for your unique facility can be overwhelming and will it fit your business needs and provide results once you have selected one.  Let Soriant Solutions help you determine your needs and what CMMS or CAFM software is best for your facility. – User Friendly Maintenance Software

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