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Facilities Management

Strategies to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, insure safety and alignment with your business objectives.

Decrease Costs

We use our extensive benchmarks to evaluate effectiveness and identify savings opportunities.

No Risk, Guaranteed

Setting clear parameters to improve efficiency, our partnership achieves savings and improved quality outcomes. We win when you win - when you see bottom line results.

Customized Solutions

Whether Self-Operated or Contracted to a 3rd party our consultants analyze operations, contracts and staffing options putting a comprehensive support service solution in place.

Soriant is your Facilities solutions to

  • Reduce maintenance costs by improving efficiencies
  • Leverage Soriant smart solutions to achieve EAM excellence
  • Use industry leading technology to reduce critical asset downtime
Soriant leverages technology and data to optimize operations and provide sustainable solutions:






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Why Soriant?

We leverage the experience and unique perspective that comes with reliable engineering consulting to provide world class support, training and innovative Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). From lighting, plumbing to air-conditioning, healthcare facilities management is integral to the well-being of your hospital/healthcare system. Soriant’s strategic approach to facility management, combined with our performance expectations, uniquely positions us to help you formulate strategies to improve performance, reduce costs, and insure alignment with your business objectives. At Soriant, we find ways to partner with you to navigate the complicated world of contract negotiations and implementing new solutions that increase efficiencies. You have our commitment to boost performance by aligning objectives, offering sustainable solutions and increase transparency. Let us help you track, manage and grow your business so you can achieve meaningful results through:
  • Using technology to increase operational efficiencies
  • Sourcing equipment repair and preventative maintenance solutions
  • Technology selection and complete scope review
  • Evaluating and setting performance measurements
  • Optimizing administrative services
  • Business continuity planning
  • Facility management automation tools
  • Developing a system for effective inventory management
  • Monitoring energy use and demands
  • Maximizing staff and labor efficiencies
  • Promoting equipment maintenance and care for long-term use
  • Reducing supply (MRO) costs
  • Minimizing the chances of breakdowns or service failures
  • Decreasing utility costs for: electricity, natural gas, water, sewage
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We ask the right questions to guide you to achieve your desired outcomes and revamp or deploy new innovative programs to make system maintenance easier using the latest technology. We approach every client differently, offer a unique perspective, and provide actionable, data-driven insights for impactful decisions. We can:

  • Conduct a facilities condition assessment and set priorities
  • Offer operational and maintenance planning to deliver specific solutions for your building systems and equipment
  • Deliver a standardized method of management and maintenance
  • Examine staff and scheduling; and adjust to meet your quality expectations and budgetary demands
  • Provide RFP services including develop, score, analyze and negotiate
  • Help you understand the unknowns of facility management and create a facility staff culture of service
  • Conduct budget analysis and vendor management
  • Set up systems for preventative, predictive and demand maintenance
  • Provide insight on real estate and facilities management life cycle

Managing your operations efficiently and effectively with today’s increases in risk, cost and complexity makes the challenge greater. Our team focuses on your unique situation(s) and integrate real world experience with proven implementation strategies that bring rapid and sustainable results to you. Soriant digs deep into the root causes of inefficiencies to provide the insight on how to make your entire enterprise nimbler and more responsive. Our track record of success will help you quickly understand how to define functional strategies and translate them into an implementation plan.

Minimizing your facilities overages is easier when you have a consultant that prioritizes your organization’s financial well-being. Schedule a consultation today to see how your hospital can save money. Call 770-777-6633.



A Lean Six Sigma Team driving transformative change



Success – People like working with kind, caring and competent people


3-D Approach transforming todays challenges into lasting change


Monitoring outcomes & Managing initiatives


3-D Approach transforming todays challenges into lasting change


A Lean Six Sigma Team driving transformative change



Monitoring outcomes & Managing initiatives


Success – People like working with kind, caring and competent people

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Client Success Stories

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This Midwest healthcare system has managed their support services departments as self-op for several years. They requested an across-the-board assessment which showed opportunity to improve throughput by incorporating staffing changes.

The UNC Lenoir project demonstrates the ability of Soriant Healthcare to balance multiple projects. Much thought is given to the individual needs of each client. From contract negotiation of $493K to floor stock improvement of $17K, every dollar counts towards the bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Facilities managers first tend to focus on the use of fertilizers, other chemicals and water reduction. However grounds sustainability also includes plant selection, irrigation system design and use, snow and ice management, and equipment selection. A good grounds program examines the whole picture and guidelines should be put into place to meet the social and environmental goals of the organization.

This is surprisingly a frequently asked question with no right answer.  The right CMMS is going to have a front-end user interfaces that is easy to use and gives your end users an easy methodology to submit work requests and check on the status of the work requests. Additionally, the CMMS must provide the Facilities team the information that they need to manage work requests, PM’s, service contracts, and inventory. Choosing a CMMS starts with understanding your requirements.brand me

The average hospital uses hospitals use an average of 600,000 million BTUs of energy per year, significantly more than any other building type primarily because they are open 24 hours a day and have specialized air handling requirements. A significant opportunity exist for substantially reducing energy consumption. According to the EPA, as much as 30 percent of the energy consumed in hospitals and other types of commercial buildings is used unnecessarily.

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