Facilities Maintenance

What are Economies of Scale?

Economies of scale is managing your operations more efficiently with increased speed, the right skill set, and the ability to identify needs before they are a problem.  Soriant’s consultants will help identify operational efficiencies, optimize your financial needs, and help you implement an APPA standard that meets your campus needs to drive quality and student satisfaction.  Soriant’s experienced consulting team will help your move from reactive maintenance to preventive with the goal being proactive.

Improve Operations with a Facility Management Consultant

Our goal is to provide increased savings AND to optimize financial sustainability for your facilities maintenance services. We will enhance your organization’s current assets for long-term financial gains.  Upgrading to energy-efficient products with a high ROI and negotiating service contracts that keep you in line with regulatory standards. -these are just some of the ways that our team can help your organization thrive.

Once you choose Soriant as your facility management consultant, we will assess areas for improvement and make a plan to optimize your operational costs and enhance the student experience. These include:

  • Evaluate your current CMMS and CAFM system
  • Move from reactive and preventive maintenance to proactive maintenance
  • Minimize the chances of breakdowns or service failures
  • Maximize staff and labor efficiencies
  • Develope a system for effective inventory management
  • Monitor energy use and demands
  • Decrease utility costs for: electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage
  • Renegotiate or draft contracts in your financial interest
  • Reduce supply costs
  • Improve quality through APPA standards
  • Benchmark

Start your Facilities Management Today!

Minimizing your facilities overages is easier when you have a consultant that prioritizes your organization’s financial well-being. Schedule a consultation today to see how your hospital can save money. Call 770-777-6633.