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Creating an Excellent Environmental Services Department

Rock Jensen, consultant with Soriant Solutions, presents on how to achieve excellence in Environmental Services. 

Financial challenges abound in healthcare management today.  Hospitals are under increasing pressure to reduce expenditures while improving productivity and quality.  Environmental Service Departments are changing rapidly and being shaped by both new HCAHPS requirements, which put added pressure on hospitals to provide high levels of patient satisfaction, and newly developed, high-tech disinfection techniques.  As these departments adjust to the changing landscape, it is important they keep the bigger picture of expense reduction and improved quality in mind.  In Environmental Services there are key proficiencies that ensure the services provided are done in a cost-effective and operationally effectual manner

For example, regulatory compliance is a continually growing process to manage.  In many cases, Environmental Service managers are being required to oversee additional services such as waste management, linen management, and even contract management (for areas like window maintenance, pest control, and other cleaning services).  Along with these added pressures, high quality cleanliness requirements and improvement programs add more challenges for management teams to perform at the highest level.  How can Environmental Service managers successfully accomplish all of these undertakings and still have a great department?

Environmental ServicesThis July, the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) offered a webinar training presentation that aimed to answer this question.  The webinar focused on ingredients needed to create an excellent Environmental Service Department.  The seminar provided Environmental Service management and staff with pertinent and timely information and resources suited for their work environment.  Five key areas were focused upon.  These areas are Knowledge, Organization, Relationships, Engagement, and Leadership.  Great departments must weave each of these five areas together and manage them successfully in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

This hour-long seminar was presented by key experts in the Environmental Services industry.  The moderator, Patty Costello is the Executive Director of AHE.  Guest speakers included Mike Bailey, AHE President; Rock Jensen, a consultant with Soriant Solutions and member of the Education and Knowledge Committee for AHE; Doug Borruso, EVS Director with the Urban Central Region of IHC and; Roy Manno, Director, Environmental Services at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

If you would like to learn more about this seminar, please visit the AHE website


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