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Hospital Environmental Services Consulting

Helping hospitals and healthcare systems stay compliant, face todays challenges, improve operations, purchasing and usage, all with a focus on staying within budget

Productivity & Supply Cost

  • Assessment with labor baseline
  • Operational tools with labor flexing
  • Vendor and supply cost containment & consolidation

2 Customized Solutions

  • Vendor Neutral – Whether Self Operated or Contract
  • Analyze operations, customer focused contract(s) & staffing options
  • Deliver comprehensive solution(s) with focus on green solutions

3 No Risk, Guaranteed

  • Clear parameters to improve efficiency & improve environmental stewardship
  • Partner with you to achieve savings and quality outcome
  • We win when you win – based on bottom line results

Get the most from your ES budget with cost-effective solutions that streamline operations while increasing the patient experience. We offer:

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Why Soriant?

By partnering with Soriant, we identify innovative strategies to keep your hospital environmental services department(s) running optimally by insuring you are equipped with the best tools and by minimizing cost overages. We understand best practices that include analysis of current labor baseline(s), cleaning frequency, and schedules. We work together to create and implement productivity standards. Soriant understand how Environmental Services has the most important jobs in maintaining the hospital housekeeping and sanitation of the entire facility. Cleaning services are a determining factor in shaping visitors’ opinions of your building(s) and keeping patients from contracting hospital-borne illnesses.

Our consulting services include:

  • Maximizing staffing productivity through training and other programs
  • Implementing lower cost and environmentally conscious cleaning supplies
  • Negotiating waste management contracts with municipal and regulated contractors
  • Enforcing industry-best practices for disinfection, cleaning, and waste disposal
  • Reducing non-contract expenses
  • Improving HCAHPS scores to maximize Medicare reimbursements
  • Boosting overall cleanliness and patient satisfaction
  • Managing RFP/RFI processes for new service providers
  • Developing department infrastructures to oversee performance
assessment process

Soriant capabilities for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems include:

  • Waste Minimization Strategies
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Joint Commission Compliance
  • Compliance Tracking, Reporting & Analysis
  • Biosafety Programs
  • Compliance Training
  • Regulated Medical Waste Disposal and recycling
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Management
  • Patient Care Risk Assessments (PCRA)
  • Emergency Response
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Laboratory Compliance
environmental services
Assess your Environmental Services Savings today

Building Sustainability into Strategy

Sustainability is like a marathon, it is not a quick sprint, but offers great rewards for getting to the finish line. Businesses that view sustainability and resources efficiency as a part of doing business have realized the value that it brings to objectives related to revenue, risk management, operations, and corporate social responsibility.
Soriant leverages technology and data to optimize operations and provide sustainable solutions:






Partner with Soriant for Your Environmental Service needs:

  • Gain better insight and motivate staff to work toward common goals
  • Provide the right resources and expectations to get the job done.
  • Clear assessment, planning and implementation processes
  • RFP and Contract development
  • We do the “heavy lifting” while you manage day to day operations
  • Management throughout RFP, vendor selection, negotiations etc.
  • C-Level leadership
  • Supply chain leaders
  • Clinical leaders

Partnering with Soriant is the best decision that your healthcare facility can make. Our focus is simple – to promote financial success and improve patient care.

  • Evaluate current equipment and provide transition planning
  • Work with long-term capital plans and develop replacement and disposal strategies
  • Help clients navigate through setting up processes and tools to enhance team’s productivity
  • Shrink costs while providing higher quality of service and patient experience
  • Proven strategies in sourcing cutting edge equipment and technology without sacrificing budgetary goals
  • Retrain your staff, help you find the right leadership talent and cut waste

Our healthcare consultants provide a frame-work of facilitation, process and knowledge that enables clients to improve their current processes and competencies. We provide clear opportunities and potential outcomes as we compare the selected departments to nationally recognized productivity and staffing benchmarks and our own proprietary data base. Our client proven methods can assist you with all aspects of capital equipment planning, budgeting and sourcing.

Improve Environmental Services in Your Hospital Today!

As your healthcare consulting partner, Soriant is here to maximize savings in your environmental services department while also maintaining strict adherence to sanitation policies. We offer nationally recognized consulting services that will improve your department(s) efficiency. Learn more or get started today!
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A Lean Six Sigma Team driving transformative change



Success – People like working with kind, caring and competent people


3-D Approach transforming todays challenges into lasting change


Monitoring outcomes & Managing initiatives


3-D Approach transforming todays challenges into lasting change


A Lean Six Sigma Team driving transformative change



Monitoring outcomes & Managing initiatives


Success – People like working with kind, caring and competent people

Client Success Stories

Kaiser Permanente Los Angles Medical Center improved patient satisfaction, increase employment productivity, new cleaning standards established

Methodist Hospital is a 330 bed non-profit hospital located in Peoria, Illinois. The health system recently acquired a smaller hospital. The executive team cancelled the management contract and consolidated the leadership team at both campuses. Soriant worked with Methodist to tackle their

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, the most common organisms are Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile (C. diff).  EVS workers can slow or prevent the transmission of these organisms through effective cleaning procedures, utilizing appropriate employee protection guidelines with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and following recommended protocols for patient room cleaning, and environmental monitoring technologies.

The biggest issue we see is managing wage inflation caused by high turnover/poor retention or new entrants to the labor market (distribution centers, manufacturing, etc).  EVS managers must be focused on providing a work environment to their employees that is engaging and promotes higher levels of employee retention. Utilizing lean processes and proven employee engagement tools greatly improve staff job satisfaction leading to higher retention and lower turnover cost.

We use a modeling technique that splits the work requirement into three distinct categories and the we evaluate each one of those categories separately: lock-ins are evaluated on the requirement for use; non-patient area FTE requirements are based on the standards of service established for the specific areas covered; and patient care areas FTE’s are based on patient volumes to insure that we match demand with FTE availability.  Once the FTE requirement is known then we interpret that into a master schedule that matches the service demand with the appropriate labor.

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