Energy and Utilities

Evaluating your hospital’s energy usage could be an important factor in minimizing costs. Utility bills are an expensive outflow for any business and when you consider the sheer number of resources that a hospital uses, it’s no wonder that utility bills can soar into the millions of dollars. Based on our experience, we have found that 94% of our clients are overpaying for utilities or telecommunications services. In other words, more than 9 out of 10 hospitals are paying for services they don’t need. Our goal is evaluate your current utilities contracts and negotiate a new plan that enhances performance at the lowest cost. With Soriant’s monthly utility audits, we can pinpoint areas that you are overpaying and monitor your utility savings over time.

As your partner in smart facility savings, Soriant can drastically change how much your healthcare facility pays for water, electricity, heating, and telecommunications services by:

  • Industry-best utility and telecommunication auditing/tracking
  • Eliminating billing errors and unnecessary fees
  • Maximizing high-volume discounts from providers
  • Renegotiating existing vendor contracts
  • Installing new energy efficient technology and water-saving appliances
  • Building comprehensive RFP’s and bringing multiple suppliers to compete for your business

As your partner in healthcare consulting, Soriant is dedicated to saving you money wherever possible. Current utility spending is probably higher than it should be and it is our job to help your organization regain that lost revenue. Contact us for information about saving money on your hospital’s utility contracts.