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Higher Ed Consultants that Bridge the Gap Between Financial Optimization and Student Satisfaction 

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Soriant was founded with one principle in mind: finding operational solutions that meet our clients financial need while driving student satisfaction.  We customize our assessment to address campus growth, student retention, safety, and sustainable results.  Our experienced education consultants are industry leaders in identifying costly expenses, cost avoidance, lowering deferred maintenance expenditures, and reinvestment of dollars where they benefit our clients.  Soriant helps you pinpoint the areas where change is needed, from facilities management to food services. We partner with universities, colleges, private schools, and other institutions to provide custom business solutions.  Our priority is increasing student, faculty, and staff satisfaction as well as helping you make your campus a safe, healthy, and financially sound organization.

Our Education Consulting Services focus in the following areas on your campus:
* Contract Services                                        * Food & Nutrition
* Design Services                                           * Interim Management Services
* Custodial Services                                      * Security
* Facilities Maintenance

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Optimizing Expenditures While Improving The Student Experience

Our consultants deliver market-responsive strategies that are designed to drive down unnecessary expenses, improve revenue stream, and build a foundation that support your mission and initiatives.  The Soriant team offers professional & strategic consulting to: 

  • Boost productivity and efficiency using Lean Six Sigma Processes 
  • Identify and optimize financial opportunities 
  • Negotiate vendor contracts and manage RFP/RFI processes 
  • Enhance service levels across the enterprise 
  • Benchmark and identify Best Practices 
  • Increase department revenue streams 
  • Maximize quality and efficiencies 
  • Develop Sustainable Employee Engagement 
  • Improve student satisfaction scores 
  • Improve Life Cycle of Assets 


Where to Start with Education Consulting Services

Transparent Consulting with Maximum Results

At Soriant, we are committed to solutions that ensure the long-term success of your institution. Our advanced tracking and measurement tools are the industry’s most reliable metrics for identifying and implementing sustainable changes, collaborating with our clients to empower your organization’s capacity for improvements and results.

The quality of our college consulting services is based on accuracy and transparency throughout the entire consultative process. From individual private schools to large public universities, our clients are top performing institutions that are optimizing their budgets and achieving fiscal projections.  Also, paramount is our focus on improving student care and satisfaction. As your partner, Soriant can help your organization accomplish these goals and more!

Why Soriant for your Education Consultants?

We are proud to stand with hundreds of hospitals and educational facilities around the country, achieving a 100% success rate in minimizing targeted expenditures while maximizing quality and efficiencies. Via support services, supply chain consulting  and implementing best practices in healthcare, we aim to positively impact your bottom line. Our higher ed consultants’ expertise stretches beyond state borders and across specializations to identify best practices and customize a solution that uniquely benefit your University, College or Private School. We pride ourselves in being one of the top-rated higher education consulting companies. Our outstanding national reputation is backed by the quality of our results and integrity of the Soriant team.

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“We treat every opportunity to work with our Clients as a partnership, and we make it our mission to create sustainable solutions that leave you with the knowledge and skills needed to continue making progress long after we leave.”

Soriant IconErik Scott, CEO, Soriant Healthcare

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