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What helps drive students to select YOUR campus?

A potential student has many considerations when selecting post-secondary education.   Three key factors that influence parents and prospective students when making the important college or university decision include:

  1. Financial Expense
  2. Educational Reputation
  3. Physical Environment

Financial Expense

Parents and students need to fully understand the total cost of the college or university they are considering.  This includes tuition, books, and room & board.   Due diligence can show that there is often financial aid, work programs, or scholarships to assist with cost.

Campus Administrators are evaluating ways that they can attract students, thus providing revenue to ensure financial sustainability.  Good business practice shows the need to optimize expenses, drive revenue, and have a capital plan that addresses growth and innovation.

How can support services help?

Educational Reputation 

Soriant - drive students to your campus

Potential students seek a great education in the field of study they love.  They want a campus life experience and to graduate with a degree that will assist and support their career.   The questions they are asking are:

  • How does the college/university rank in the major you want to study?
  • How are the professors ranked by student satisfaction survey or through social media?
  • Does the class size fit my learning style?
  • What is the success rate following graduation as it pertains to the job market or career?

How can support services help?

Physical Environment “The Admission Tour”

Undergraduates want to know about campus housing, dining, social activities, work-out facilities, and places to meet fellow students. Parents, on the other hand, want to ensure that the campus is safe, clean, and that their child’s nutritional health is being met.   They feel that a good education is given if their child’s personal needs are met!

How can support services help?

Moving from an Admission’s Tour to “The Golden Mile Tour”!

The old adage applies here, “You can only make a first impression once”.  What do prospective students and their families see when they arrive at your school?    Was the drive into campus visually pleasing?  Is the grass mowed, is the landscape beautiful, and are the sporting fields well groomed?   Is the trash picked up, is it cool or warm in the buildings, are the windows clean, are the dorm room spotless, are carpets and floors well taken care of?  Are the parking lots, grounds, sidewalks free of debris, and is the campus lighting providing a safe environment for those after dark walks?  Does the food look and smell wonderful as well as addresses health needs?

I think you get the idea!  Support Services plays a huge role in the campus appearance and, of course, this must be done within budget and meet student, faculty, and staff satisfaction.  Students learn better in a healthy safe environment.

Soriant Solutions believes that your Admission Tour needs to be the “Golden Mile”.  The Golden Mile tour should impress potential students regarding campus life and reduce parent’s fears regarding safety and health.

Soriant’s Executives and consultants average 25 years of executive support services experience offering depth and breadth of industry knowledge. We understand the challenges that drive the decision-making process and that successful educational facilities are those that adapt and evolve. Our well-designed, market-responsive strategies drive down costs and direct your resources to enhancing the student educational experience.   Our consultants can assess and assist you in making the shift from “Admission Tour” to “Golden Mile Tour”.  Contact Soriant Solutions today at 770.777.6633.


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