Design Services

In addition to Soriant’s many consulting services, we also provide interior design services. The physical layout of your campus can improve the efficiency of staff, boost student satisfaction and enhance your admission’s tour.  With increased admissions and improved retention of student, your finances become more sustainable. From the curb and parking lots and throughout your whole campus it is essential that the design of your campus reflects your mission, your high standards around student life, and an environment of health and safety.  Simple changes to a facility’s design can provide huge boosts to satisfaction and overall efficiencies while large-scale renovations can also reflect the personality of your campus and the continuous need to invest in your students, faculty, and staff.

While our design services can be utilized for any part of your campus, we often find that clients foremost want to upgrade the visual appeal of their dining and retail areas. Improving the kitchen design with visual flair and adding new technology can immediately lead to improved production while increasing meal plan participation through variety and student satisfaction. Retail venues have a life of four to five years, so we can help make smaller changes each year so that your students are continually seeing change.  We work closely with contractors and designers to ensure that the finished product matches your students’ vision and improving revenue.

Our design consulting services can generate thousands of dollars of income by revamping the appearance of your facility. With our expertise, we can cut down on excessive spending in the following ways:

  • Design collaboration of space
  • Increase dining and retail revenues
  • Provide mapping to ensure retail operations are capturing students, faculty, and staff
  • Improve the work environment for efficiencies
  • Ensure that tools and equipment are stored in a location that maximizes efficiency
  • Implement an equipment maintenance and assessment program
  • Manage equipment leasing opportunities
  • Decrease operational costs by reducing energy footprints

When you choose Soriant, you have made a decision to stand with the most reputable name in consulting.