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Data Requirements

You will need the following information to complete the analysis:

  • Annual Food Cost
  • Annual Supply Cost
  • Annual 3rd Party Contract Cost
  • Annual Labor Dollars
  • Annual Retail Revenue
  • Annual Transfers
  • Patient Days
  • Annual Paid FTE's

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Annual Food Purchases

Food costs include all perishable and sundries food used with every aspect of food distribution including patient feeding, catering, transfers, floor supplies, retail operations, dining lounges, etc. If outsourced to a vendor and contract is a guaranteed price (where actual food cost is unknown) enter 0.

Annual Supply Purchases

Supply Costs including: paper products, cleaning supplies, uniform purchase and rental, smallwares, office supplies, printed supplies, china, glass, silver, utensils, and services such as: linen rental, pest control, etc. Do not include expense items for infrastructure such as fire suppressant systems, depreciation, rent, kitchen equipment repair, etc. If outsourced to a vendor and actual supply cost is unknown enter 0.

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Annual Labor Cost Including Benefits

Enter the total costs associated with labor expense for management and hourly staff. This includes base wages/salaries, non-productive wage expense, fringe benefit expenses associated with health insurance, taxes and workers compensation. If outsourced to a vendor where actual labor cost is unknown enter 0.

Department Paid FTE’s

Paid FTE’s include the base wage hours plus non-productive wage hours (sick, vacation & holiday coverage). An FTE is calculated using 2,080 hours per year. If total FTE’s are unknown, leave the cell blank.

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Retail Revenue

Retail Revenue includes all cash register sales including cash, credit card, employee badge swipes and free meal vouchers less any applicable sales taxes. Additionally, include any vending commissions and/or sales , and external catering revenues as retail revenue. If department is outsourced and vendor keeps retail cash then enter 0.

Annual Department Transfers

Transfers include floor stocks, catering, free meals, non-patient meals (observation), supplements (formula room), doctor’s lounge and other non-controllable departmental expenses that are either ordered or requisitioned directly from the food services department.

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Outsourcing Contract Cost

This includes all costs incurred by the contract management vendor (if applicable), including food, supplies, catering/transfer items, management fees, general allowances, vendor management salaries & benefits, hourly labor including benefits (If employees are on vendor payroll), vendor insurance and software charges. Do not double enter any expenses, if costs are paid for by the vendor and charged to the department then enter those expenses here and do not enter them in the other sections.

Name of Outsourcing Company (optional)

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Annual Patient Days (less newborns & NICU)

Patient Days are those reported as ‘midnight' census and do not include NICU or newborns.

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