Custodial Services

Also known as housekeeping or environmental services, custodial services are one of the most important jobs in maintaining campus appearance and health.  Cleaning services are a determining factor in shaping the admission’s tour and keeping student, faculty, staff, and visitors healthy through proper cleaning techniques.

Education and Healthcare Cleaning Consulting

With Soriant, our mission is to identify cost-effective solutions, streamline operation costs, and increase satisfaction. Searching for new supply vendors, negotiating equipment contracts, and implementing green solutions can help your organization save money, improve quality, and adhere to regulatory standards.  At the same time our consultants can improve your APPA standard and align more closely to a healthcare standard.

decrease absenteeism healthcare cleaning

Quality Improvement

When you collaborate with Soriant, we identify innovative strategies to keep your custodial services department equipped with the tools it needs by minimizing cost overages elsewhere. Our consulting services include:

  • Maximizing staffing productivity through training and other programs
  • Implementing lower cost and environmentally-conscious cleaning supplies
  • Negotiating waste management and recycling contracts
  • Enforcing industry-best practices for disinfection and cleaning
  • Help reduce absenteeism with healthcare cleaning procedures
  • Reducing non-contract expenses
  • Boosting overall cleanliness thus increasing student, faculty and staff satisfaction
  • Managing RFP/RFI processes for new service providers
  • Developing department infrastructures to oversee performance

Improve Custodial Services on Your Campus Today!

As your consulting partner, Soriant is here to optimize your custodial departments finances while providing a roadmap for a clean environment.  Learn more or get started today! Call 770-777-6633