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Higher Education Contract Services

As your education consulting partner, we achieve real financial results by getting the most out of every contract

Save Time, Save Money

We evaluate, build/rebuild win/win contracts by reducing complexity, improving operational efficiency and building sustainable and proven operating models. We help you increase profitability while improving quality.

No Risk, Guaranteed

Setting clear parameters of success. We identify, integrate and optimize by encouraging vendors to invest in the future. We partner with you to achieve savings and quality outcomes. We win only when you see bottom line results.

Customized Solutions

Whether self-operated or under contract to a 3rd party - our consultants analyze operations, contracts and staffing options to ensure comprehensive solutions focused on department safety and efficiencies.

With years of (re)negotiating experience, Soriant can

  • Manage RFI/RFP
  • Manage GPO Conversion
  • Maximize 3rd party contracts
  • Implement Contracts

Why Soriant?

When you choose Soriant as your education consulting partner, we achieve real financial results by getting the most out of every contract. Our services include:
      • Identifying methods to increase labor efficiency 
      • Manage multiple vendor RFP/RFI processes
      • Processing RFP/RFI when switching to a new supplier
      • Renegotiation of current contracts
      • Reducing non-contract expenses 
      • Assisting in contract negotiation in areas like: 
        • Master Planning 
        • Food and Dining Services
        • Facility Condition Assessments 
        • Utilities  
        • Waste Management and Recycle Programs 
        • Elevator Service 
        • Fleet, Shuttle, and Valet Services 
        • Print and copy services 
        • Trade Services (HVAC, Plumbing, etc.) 
        • Cell phone and telecommunication plans 
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Negotiating a fair and advantageous contract sometimes requires another opinion to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. To minimize your contractual spending and find an option that’s right for your organization, choose Soriant to accelerate your performance.

Why Go to a RFP?

Negotiating a fair and advantageous contract sometimes requires going to RFP and evaluating options to make sure you are:
  • Getting the best deal possible
  • Minimizing your contractual spend
  • Finding the right options for your organization
With Soriant’s collaborative, side-by-side approach, tracking and measurement tools, our support services departments continually achieve projections and maintain budgets. Transparency is the vital principle that enables your leadership to harness the internal controls, create efficiencies, and improve processes to guarantee your institution’s long-term success. Choose Soriant to accelerate your performance.
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