Contract Services and Negotiations

Our education consulting strategies truly shine when it comes to negotiating a contract that maximizes your organization’s financial interests. With years of experience renegotiating and formulating contracts with third-party providers, our professionals offer the industry’s best insight into drafting a solution that will enhance your coverage options for the lowest possible price. Whether your business is seeking contracts with new vendors and new solutions or simply trying to renegotiate an old contract, our consultants identify the opportunities that will provide the greatest return on your investment. We also manage RFP/RFI processes for supplier contracts and assess final agreements before long-term contractual obligations are locked into place. 

When you choose Soriant as your education consulting partner, we achieve real financial results by getting the most out of every contract. Our services include: 

  • Identifying methods to increase labor efficiency 
  • Processing RFP/RFI when switching to a new supplier
  • Renegotiation of current contracts
  • Reducing non-contract expenses 
  • Assisting in contract negotiation in areas like: 
    • Master Planning 
    • Facility Condition Assessments 
    • Utilities  
    • Waste Management and Recycle Programs 
    • Elevator Service 
    • Fleet, Shuttle, and Valet Services 
    • Print and copy services 
    • Trade Services (HVAC, Plumbing, etc.) 
    • Cell phone and telecommunication plans 

Negotiating a fair and advantageous contract sometimes requires another opinion to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. To minimize your contractual spending and find an option that’s right for your organization, choose Soriant to accelerate your performance.