Clinical Engineering

The long-term and safe operation of clinical equipment is paramount to the proper functioning of any hospital. Doctors, nurses, and patients all depend on clinical engineers to maintain both therapeutic and diagnostic biomedical equipment. Soriant evaluates the total expenses associated with your facility’s clinical engineering department, including: repairs, testing, and maintenance costs. We reduce expenditures by consolidating operations as much as possible without jeopardizing equipment safety at the same time. In addition, our consultants analyze clinical contracts and staffing options to ensure the department is running safely and efficiently.

By partnering with Soriant, your clinical engineering sector can boost bottom line results by focusing on:

  • Balancing labor with service demand
  • Selecting effective individuals to serve as department leadership or executives
  • Identifying and reducing unnecessary or surplus equipment
  • Reviewing and prolonging equipment life cycles
  • Assessing time and cost-saving technology options
  • Lowering overall equipment maintenance costs while meeting industry standards
  • Balancing and negotiating equipment service contracts to maximize manufacturer support and in-house care
  • Adjusting service cost components to improve quality and operational efficiency
  • Managing RFP/RFI processes when switching to a new service provider

Based on the many factors we take into consideration, our healthcare consultants can find the optimal solution to improve your hospital’s clinical engineering department. Combined with innovative strategies in other services and sectors, Soriant can boost your facility’s yearly earnings and provide staff and patients with a better all around experience.