Chief Financial Officer Resource Team

As a CFO, you are responsible to protect the bottom-line.  You wrestle with having the appropriate resources to identify and manage critical cost savings initiatives while balancing day to day responsibilities.

We understand the struggle and have assisted hundreds of CFOs to bring visibility, outline opportunity and deliver results.  Soriant provides  insight to internal levers that trigger sustainable changes in the organization – saving them over half a BILLION dollars.

Our transparent, risk free – performance based fee structure allows you to make high level decisions to drive change in line with your strategic objectives.

If you are looking to reduce cost while focusing on increased HCHPS scores, we should talk. Let me show how our contract guarantees have made us the provider of choice for support service consulting.

Typical Returns on our Guaranteed Savings Programs:

Annual Average Savings per Integrated System Engagement

Typical Annual
Return on Investment


Annual Savings

  • Expense Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Value Analysis
  • Labor Productivity Optimization
  • Purchased Services Utilization

Delivered Outcomes through Effective Process Management

Our Methodology Works

Soriant Actual vs Projected Savings




When hospital self-implemented

To learn more about our guaranteed results and performance-based solutions, fill out the quick form and we’ll provide a free detailed program audit to show you exactly where your savings opportunities are.

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