Understanding Hospital Crime

The rates of violent crime are rising in hospitals and care settings across the United States, fueled by a myriad of issues, including mental health, emergency room wait times, domestic disputes, and our ongoing struggle with an opioid epidemic that’s bringing patients to hospitals for drugs or addiction treatment. For hospitals leaders understanding what type

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Reduce Workplace Violence by Setting the Stage Early

Hospital settings create high levels of stress for patients, their families and friends, as well as employees of the organization.  Stress combined with fear of the unknown and illness become major contributors to agitation and aggression from patients and family members toward healthcare staff. Additionally, hospitals are the go-to-resource for care and de-escalation of individuals

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Your Support Services Team

Is Your Support Service Team Part of Your Clinical Team? When patients enter your hospital they use everything they see, smell and hear to make judgments about the quality of services they are receiving.  Whether or not you realize it, the support service departments (Food, Environmental Services, Security, Clinical Engineering, Laundry and Linen, and Patient

Impacting the Bottom Line with Lean Concepts

Lean principles focus on preserving value by increasing efficiency and optimizing flow. Long used in manufacturing, these types of practices have many applications within the healthcare environment. The lean concepts discussed here include standard work, direct connections, and visual controls with daily metrics. An estimated 80% of all improvements can be achieved through work standardization