How to Get Started in Lean & Six Sigma Without Getting Overwhelmed

Maybe you’ve heard of Lean. It’s the name we give the philosophies, tools, and systems originally developed by Toyota to build highly reliable and consistent cars. Lean isn’t just for cars, though. It’s been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide and is a proven catalyst for improving quality, reducing costs, and boosting employee morale. It’s

Six Sigma and Lean Interventions not working?

Twelve months post Six Sigma and Lean thinking intervention and you’ve taken all pertinent measures:  Eliminated negative processes in the value stream, and redesigned processes flow to cut down on wasted time and bottlenecks; yet you still aren’t realizing full cost-saving projections. What is going on? Our projections were accurate, and our implementation strategy was

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Healthcare costs are rising at an alarming pace while reimbursement rates have decreased. What can hospitals do to not only survive but thrive in this economic state? Soriant Solutions utilizes several approaches in helping hospital’s support services reduce expenses while improving quality. One of our strategies is to utilize a Lean Six Sigma process known

How Lean Six Sigma Can Improve Health Care and Healthcare Consulting

Stability and continuity in leadership play important roles in the performance and survival of any organization. Because of the unique mission and specialized workforce of hospitals, stability and continuity at the helm of these health care institutions are especially important. The ever-changing landscape of government regulations, reimbursement reductions, technological advancements, cybersecurity threats, and making new