Top 4 Sources of Savings in Support Services – HFM Magazine

Soriant is proud to have contributed to HFM magazine this month with a feature story co-authored by our own Brian Nugent.  The article is titled "Top 4 Sources of Savings in Support Services" and provides examples of ways hospitals can reduce support-service costs.  Brian's co-author, Conrad Emmerich, knows first hand the value of engaging Soriant's

Hospital Linen Management: Saving On Laundry Costs

Hospital Laundry Service Most hospitals today rely on external central laundries for the processing of their linens. Operating budgets for linen distribution departments of $1 to $2 million annually—as well as savings potential of 10% to 20%—are not uncommon. Many hospitals have not identified opportunities for hospital laundry cost savings in the distribution and utilization

UV Disinfection Technology: Is it Worth the Cost?

With a rise in the prevalence of hospital-acquired infection (HAI) rates and the escalating emphasis in this area linking federal reimbursements to performance, hospitals have amplified their focus on new ways to combat this issue. In addition to rigorous personal hygiene protocol, the industry has seen an increased focus on more thorough cleaning by Environmental

Impacting the Bottom Line with Lean Concepts

Lean principles focus on preserving value by increasing efficiency and optimizing flow. Long used in manufacturing, these types of practices have many applications within the healthcare environment. The lean concepts discussed here include standard work, direct connections, and visual controls with daily metrics. An estimated 80% of all improvements can be achieved through work standardization