Optimal ES Workforce Utilization

Read Rock Jensen's article published by Health Facilities Management Magazine! As a leader in the healthcare industry, Jensen describes key strategies for optimal ES workforce utilization such as building an inventory, creating a staffing analysis, combining staffing metrics, including nonproductive labor expenses, and how to take your first step.

Real ES Staffing Standards – Hospital House Keeping

Adequately staffing a Healthcare Environmental Services department is one of the most unique challenges for any EVS operation.  While regulatory agencies provide some guidance to match Nurse staffing levels with patient acuity needs, EVS Departments lack regulatory guidance for staffing level needs for the vital services they provide. There are benchmarking organizations that can provide

Value Based Health Care – Ready or Not

No one working in healthcare can deny the shift that’s occurring from volume-based to value-based patient care and reimbursement.  The pace varies depending on your market demographics, but the change itself is undeniable. The shift toward value-based healthcare impacts every payor category – federal and state based programs as well as commercial payers are placing

Patient Satisfaction – The Environmental Service Connection

In yesteryears the prevailing memory in patient’s minds was their hospital experience was going to be less than optimal; food was going to be atrocious, cleaning will be inconsistent and indifference was generally the perceived attitude of the caregivers. Today government involvement to ensure the patient’s overall experience by leveling penalties and rewards to the

Advancing the Patient Experience

The “patient experience” has zoomed into the limelight over the past decade or so. Introduction of this phrase enabled the public to visualize the concept and recognize the value of maximizing the patient’s overall encounter with healthcare organizations. This has become even more essential in the healthcare industry today with the impetus of satisfaction surveys,