Consultants, Cost Savings, and Keys to Success

Today’s macro and micro trends (which include change in reimbursement, increased quality targets and change in leadership, to mention a few) are driving organizations to seek outside assistance to achieve desired outcomes.  Hospital leadership hires consultants to identify and drive change in an organization; these engagements are generally highly structured and require support from those

Value Based Health Care – Ready or Not

No one working in healthcare can deny the shift that’s occurring from volume-based to value-based patient care and reimbursement.  The pace varies depending on your market demographics, but the change itself is undeniable. The shift toward value-based healthcare impacts every payor category – federal and state based programs as well as commercial payers are placing

Hospital Outsourcing vs. In-House: How to Move Forward?

Reimbursement compression continues driving healthcare organizations to seek ever-increasing cost reductions and operational efficiencies, specifically around activities or services that are not core to the organizational mission of patient care. Hospitals are primarily geared for acute care operations and the complexity involved with direct patient care. Outsourcing can be a great partnership for long term

5 Questions About an Outsourcing Partner Model

Where should we embed outsourcing partners in the organization? Outsourcing partners are long-term commitments, so it is important to give careful consideration to where you place them within your organization. We've seen multiple ways to embed business partners: in system-wide business units (e.g., environmental services across the system or the medical group), in specific geographic

Top 4 Sources of Savings in Support Services – HFM Magazine

Soriant is proud to have contributed to HFM magazine this month with a feature story co-authored by our own Brian Nugent.  The article is titled "Top 4 Sources of Savings in Support Services" and provides examples of ways hospitals can reduce support-service costs.  Brian's co-author, Conrad Emmerich, knows first hand the value of engaging Soriant's

Hospital Linen Management: Saving On Laundry Costs

Hospital Laundry Service Most hospitals today rely on external central laundries for the processing of their linens. Operating budgets for linen distribution departments of $1 to $2 million annually—as well as savings potential of 10% to 20%—are not uncommon. Many hospitals have not identified opportunities for hospital laundry cost savings in the distribution and utilization