CE Blog… “Which is better….outsourced…or in house?”

There was a recent LinkedIn chat asking the question:   “Which was better…outsourced…or in house Clinical Engineering Services?” Of course, that question lead to numerous responses….many with very strong polarizing opinions, and horror stories.   The chat hit a spark and has ongoing for months and will probably continue for a long time to come. The reality

Top 4 Sources of Savings in Support Services – HFM Magazine

Soriant is proud to have contributed to HFM magazine this month with a feature story co-authored by our own Brian Nugent.  The article is titled "Top 4 Sources of Savings in Support Services" and provides examples of ways hospitals can reduce support-service costs.  Brian's co-author, Conrad Emmerich, knows first hand the value of engaging Soriant's

Hospital Equipment Management: The Challenge of BioMed Cost Benchmarks

Hospital Equipment management COOs or CFOs frequently ask if there are practical benchmark metrics to assess whether their equipment service costs are appropriate. Frustration about increasing costs or acquisition costs of new technology, often not planned for by administrators, is becoming more common. Even biomedical leaders in hospitals struggle to explain the underlying problems in

Your Support Services Team

Is Your Support Service Team Part of Your Clinical Team? When patients enter your hospital they use everything they see, smell and hear to make judgments about the quality of services they are receiving.  Whether or not you realize it, the support service departments (Food, Environmental Services, Security, Clinical Engineering, Laundry and Linen, and Patient

UV Disinfection Technology: Is it Worth the Cost?

With a rise in the prevalence of hospital-acquired infection (HAI) rates and the escalating emphasis in this area linking federal reimbursements to performance, hospitals have amplified their focus on new ways to combat this issue. In addition to rigorous personal hygiene protocol, the industry has seen an increased focus on more thorough cleaning by Environmental