Six Sigma and Lean Interventions not working?

Twelve months post Six Sigma and Lean thinking intervention and you’ve taken all pertinent measures:  Eliminated negative processes in the value stream, and redesigned processes flow to cut down on wasted time and bottlenecks; yet you still aren’t realizing full cost-saving projections. What is going on? Our projections were accurate, and our implementation strategy was

Lean Six Sigma Produces Real-World Results at Mt. Washington

Lean Six Sigma, originally developed by Toyota to build highly reliable and consistent cars (Lean) with powerful statistical tools to understand and improve business processes (Six Sigma), is far from just another fad improvement methodology.  The dedicated team of Dietitians, Nurses, Physicians, and Nutrition Assistants at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, MDused a Lean

Employee Engagement in the Modern Era: The Key to Your Organization’s Success

Every organization requires a happy, motivated, and engaged workforce to succeed, which is especially true in the healthcare industry. Gallup and Loma Linda University Medical Center conclusively discovered that employee engagement and employee safety work in tandem to significantly enhance patient satisfaction.  They also concluded that low levels of employee engagement can have a devastating effect on patient care. In

Happy Labor Day from Soriant Solutions!

Traditionally the last official “summer” weekend, Labor Day is a chance to celebrate with food, parades, ballgames, and shopping. Nearly 128 MILLION Americans will enjoy a family cookout. Hundreds of thousands will tailgate and support their favorite college football teams in packed stadiums. The roots of Labor Day date back to 1880’s New York City,